6 quirky chic style steals from a London terrace

Picking pieces that make people stop and ponder will turn your home into something gloriously unique

dinning area with white wall wooden dinning table with chairs and seat and overhead lamps

(Image credit: kitchen table lighting)

1. Reuse, reclaim, recycle

With deep light wells installed, a dingy basement becomes a bright family space. 'It's where we all gather to hang out and create chaos,' says the owner. The table was custom-built with reclaimed oak from a French barn and positioned on a durable steel frame. The DSW Eames chairs and industrial lights complete the look.

kitchen area with grey counter stools brick wall and white flooring

(Image credit: TBC)

2. Mix up materials

The scheme in the kitchen was actually kick-started by the wall clock. 'We had it first and wanted it to be a feature,' says the owner. 'So the stainless-steel island was specially positioned to highlight it.' The sleek surface contrasts brilliantly with the exposed brick wall and concrete floor. 'I'd always say, never be afraid to mix contrasting textures within one area - it adds interest.'

fire place with white wall frames white chair and wooden flooring on wall

(Image credit: TBC)

3. Collect pieces you love

Most of us love a touch of drama in our lives, but in this quirky yet chic home, a stellar performance is practically oozing from the walls. And, at every turn, in every corner, there is something spectacular going on. 'Some of the things I collect are rather macabre, but I love them,' says the owner. Our advice? If it makes you smile, buy it.

room with white wall bird painting on wall brown punching bag and wooden flooring

(Image credit: TBC)

4. Champion a burgeoning talent

'We like interiors with their own story,' says the owner, 'and the more obscure the better. If something grabs my attentio, I'll do a bit of research into its background.' Up-and-coming artists are one of the owner's special interests and she commisioned the fab piece of wall art for her son's room from graffiti artist David Nash. This loft space gives the teenager plenty of room to get away from it all.

bedroom with grey and wooden wall bed with designed cushion and window

(Image credit: TBC)

5. Go offbeat

Eclectic accessories give this chic and grown-up scheme a quirky edge. 'We may have a slightly warped sense of humour, but we love things that make us smile,' says the owner. The table lamp from Atomic Antiques is teamed with a custom-made fringed shade while the sleek, warm wood stands out against the dramatically dark wall colour.

bathroom with white wall bathtub and wooden flooring

(Image credit: TBC)

6. Give the traditional a twist

Synonymous with classical beauty and timeless style, marble has been the epitome of luxurious sophistication for millennia. It's all in the way you use things though, and here this statement stone is brought bang up to date in the form of a grand shower wall. Modern fixtures complete the chic scheme.

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