6 ways to give your home a boho-chic vibe

Boho beautiful

Add some sensuality to your interiors with delicious style steals from this bohemian apartment.

office home with table and chair painting with potted plants

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1, Make your home office fresh

‘I like everything to be handmade and natural, like these floors, sourced from an old house in Amsterdam,' says the owner. The rustic desk and retro chair in this study area, combined with the lush plants create a gloriously natural, bohemian vibe that would cheer even the dullest of paperwork.

living room with wooden flooring sofa with cushion and painting on wall with lamo

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2, Turn the hall into a sensuous nook

I like to find old pieces and customize them,' says the owner, who transformed this antique sofa. Even with such eclectic furniture and art, by weaving the rich green shade throughout, everything remains cohesive.

kitchen with wooden flooring dinning table and chair with microwave and wooden window

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3, Go for glamour in the kitchen

‘I rarely use overhead lighting, it's too harsh,' says the owner. The only hanging lights in this home are therefore suitably exotic. ‘They were made in the Forties from parchment, probably Italian. I've fitted them with amber bulbs for a beautiful glow.' The dark walls and glints of metallics add to the romantic, mysterious mood.

bedroom with wooden flooring cushion on bed and mirror on wall with flower in vase

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4, Big up the bedroom with exotic touches

This bedroom brims with textiles from around the world. ‘When I go to markets, something will wink at me and I'll find it just goes with something else that I already have at home,' says the owner. The wallpaper in the bedroom was found in Hong King and teamed with African textiles at the window.

women sandals on shelf for storage Black and white tiles on wall and hanging gown

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5, Reinvent your space

‘This used to be my shower room, but I didn't use it much,' says the owner. ‘So I decided to make it a shoe room!' The chevron tiles and mirrored surfaces add to and reflect the romantic, bohemian attitude of the home.

bathroom with wooden flooring white curtains with bathtub and mirror on wall

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6, Make your own design rules

The bathroom is decorated with wallpaper that the owner designed, plus a vintage tub and Victorian mirror on the wall. The owner laughs at the mirror, saying, ‘I added photos to make it more interesting than looking at yourself!'