7 character traits every chicken owner (aka Mother Hen) will understand

Recognise any of these in your brood?

Don't be fooled into thinking that chickens don't make great pets! Besides the obvious (having freshly laid eggs every day that taste amazing), they all have their own little personalities that make them funny, fun and actually quite cute to have around.

1. The noisy hen

The noisy hen has, unsurprisingly, got a lot to say for herself and will happily give even the squawkiest of cockerels a run for his money. Whether she's woken up at the crack of dawn or laid an egg, she likes to let you know about it!

white noisy hen

(Image credit: TBC)

2. The adventurous hen

If chickens watched films, The Great Escape would be top of the adventurous hen's list. If there's a hole in your fence, guaranteed she'll find it - chances are she knows your neighbours (and their back garden) better than you do!

adventurous hen

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3. The friendly hen

More like a domesticated pet than anything else, the friendly hen is always first to appear when you step foot in the garden. Her loyalty knows no bounds and she'll follow you around contentedly for the rest of the day. She loves attention too, and is more than happy to be held and stroked.

friendly hen

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4. The bossy hen

Bold and fearless by nature, the bossy hen definitely comes top of the pecking order when it comes to the best food, water and laying spots. Woe betides any other chicken that gets in her way - a cheeky peck reminds them who rules the roost!

bossy hen

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5. The pretentious hen

This cool chick picks her feathered friends wisely. Only willing to spend time with a select few, she can usually be found roosting on her own: usually up high so she can look down on her fellow flock - literally and metaphorically!

pretentious hen

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6. The messy hen

Scratching up flowerbeds, pecking through prized veg patches, the messy hen leaves destruction in her wake. Never more content than when she's covered feather to feather in mud and dust, you can forget a neat and tidy garden with this little rebel around!

messy hen

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7. The curious hen

Known for her plucky attitude, the curious hen is certainly not afraid to fly the nest (figuratively speaking, of course!). Inquisitive by nature, she casts a beady eye over everything - leave your back door open and it won't be long before she pops in to say hello!

curious hen

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