5 creative ways to display flowers in your home

Here are a few simple, yet stunning flower display ideas to place throughout your home, for both inside and out

From single fragrant blooms to zinc planters wrapped with twine, there are plenty of imaginative ways to display flowers in your home.  Whether is it is to add colour and scent inside your home or you want to create a decorative centre-piece for alfresco get-togethers, here's our pick of the best:

Create a vintage centre-piece with seasonal fruit

strawberry plant with candle and lantern

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Give vintage kitchenalia a second lease of life with this pretty display idea. A supersized catering colander looks lovely in its new role as a candle holder for the garden – and it is perfect for planting up as it already has drainage holes! Line the colander with a hanging basket liner (from garden centres), then scatter a layer of potting grit at the base of the colander before filling with potting compost. Plant a mix of flowering and fruiting plants around the outer edge of the colander like these (pictured) miniature roses and strawberry plants. Place a circle of moss (available from florists) in the centre – sized to suit your chosen hurricane jar – then cover the rest of the exposed soil with more moss. Position the hurricane jar, pushing it down a little to secure in place, and add the candle.

Pewter your posies

tankard with roses and strawberries

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Old pewter tankards make interesting little vases for posies of summer flowers. Before using you will need to check that the tankards are still watertight as sometimes the inside seals break down over time. Give
each tankard a good clean and fill with a little fresh water. Select suitable seasonal flower stems for your posy and cut to fit the size of each tankard – we used a mix of roses, waxflowers, freesias and green foliage. Finally, for an extra touch of colour attach a small label with baker’s twine – you could also write a guest’s name on the label if using the flower-filled tankards as place markers.

Display stems in rustic frames

rustic frame with roses and wooden door

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Flowers are frequently the subject of paintings so why not take the idea a step further and create a living flower display in a picture frame? Take an old frame – we gave ours a couple of coats of paint before rubbing it down for a distressed look. Measure the inside aperture of the frame and add 4cm all around (you can adjust this measurement depending on the width of the frame surround). Wearing safety gloves, use wire cutters to cut a piece of galvanised chicken wire (find at garden centres) to size. Place the frame on a surface – wrong side facing up – and attach the wire so it covers the aperture using a staple gun. Hang the frame and arrange the flower stems by threading through the wire – we used roses, ranunculus and freesias. You could make several floral frames for a quirky outdoor display.

Pot-up a punnet with fruits and blooms

strawberry plant in punnet and strawberries

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Filled fruit boxes make lovely table centrepieces for your summer soirées. Pot up with strawberry plants for a pretty display that will also give your guests a tasty treat! For a modern country look, contrast the strawberry plants with a few small succulents. To make a similar display, start by wiping over the fruit box with a damp cloth to remove any debris. Line with plastic – a carrier bag cut to fit will do – then sprinkle in some gravel. Add a layer of compost before potting up with plants. Once you have finished, cover any exposed soil with a layer of moss (available from florists).
Pewter tankard, similar from Ebay. Vintage linen, from a selection, Parna. Curiosity tea towel, col Claret,
£7, Susie Hetherington. All other items,
stylist’s own.

Choose a mix of pots and wrap in twine for country charm

bricked wall with wooden drawer and potted plants

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Scarboro)

Transform a simple sideboard into a stunning floral display. Group items together in a mix of vases and pots. A wire shelving unit or birdcage looks fantastic with a few pot plants placed inside. Use pretty wrapping paper or ribbon to give your display an extra burst of colour. And don't forget to add plenty of twine - it'll add a rustic feel to any display of flowers.