9 design ideas for wood from panelling to painted furniture

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  • Wood brings a warmth to any decorating scheme whatever the style. Here are nine stylish ways to use wood from panelling your walls to choosing beautiful furniture.

    1 Timber-clad walls are wonderfully versatile. To make a room seem larger, increase the scale and proportion of wooden panelling by using wide boards either vertically or horizontally.

    2 Using a mix of harmonious materials creates a more refined look. Try combining timber finishes with inset stone tops or handles wrapped in leather.

    3 Wooden headboards are very practical and can be carved in a variety of shapes, from simple to very ornate, to complement the style of the room.

    4 Introducing overscale or decorative architectural details, such as skirtings, cornices and beams, will add grandeur.

    5 Wood veneers are a great way of making a piece of furniture or joinery more cost effective. You can also take advantage of the natural patterns by setting the grains in different directions.Kitchen manufacturers use this technique to add interest to a wall of cabinetry.

    6 Play around with painted timber wall panelling: to create a more modern look, scale up the proportion, simplify the detailing, and use geometric shapes.

    7 Bring an old piece of wooden furniture back to life by painting it in a fresh colour. For an interesting finish you could swop the handles for something more contemporary.

    8 Use lacquered timber furniture in your home. It may seem more expensive but it is incredibly hardwearing, especially for high traffic areas such as hallways, which makes it a good investment.

    9 Wood is perfect for outdoor use. For a pool house or potting shed, choose timber painted in a colour that sits calmly in the landscape.

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