16 travel-inspired decorating ideas

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  • Each home is a unique destination, so infuse yours with character inspired by these brilliant interior styles from around the world.

    1. Mexican Cool

    A riot of bright colours and Aztec patterns is characteristic of Mexican interiors and these fun design elements work brilliantly in modern homes too. Here, the elegant grey and white scheme is given an instant lift with a bold patterned rug and bright yellow chair. Add warm rustic wood and potted herbs for a relaxed, family-friendly space.

    2. Far-East Zen

    Japanese minimalist style equals simplicity, calmness and functionality. Turn your bathroom into an oasis of calm with natural wooden accessories, unfussy furniture and gentle colours taken from nature. To ensure the space stays clutter-free, remember to include enough built-in storage at the design stage – clean lines are key here.

    3. Wild Wild West

    Create a nomadic, free-spirited feel with traditional elements borrowed from the American west. The emphasis is on hand-made quality and natural materials, such as warm-toned matt leather and untreated wood. Plant cacti in rustic terracotta pots and finish with ethnic print throw and patterned wool rug.

    4. French Eclectic

    Famed for being effortlessly stylish, the French know a thing or two about creating brilliant room schemes that are as cool as they are timeless. The lines of this classic sofa may be formal, but the bold striped fabric brings it bang up to date. The chandelier is luxe and glittery, but combining it with fun cushions takes the stuffiness out of it. Très chic.

    5. Island Life

    Ibiza influences pour into this light and bright interior with sunshine yellow colours, white walls and floors and a dash of relaxed pattern. Arrange low-seat sofas and poufs in a way that invites lazy afternoons lounging with a book and a chilled glass of vino.

    6. Mediterranean Blues

    The cool mix of patterned blue tiles gives this bathroom and unmistakeable Mediterranean flavour. We love the relaxed contrast of a modern white stone sink sitting on top of a rustic wooden counter. Carry on the holiday vibe with traditional hamaam towels and nautical accents, then finish with touches of brass for a bathroom you’ll feel permanently on holiday in.

    7. Italian Quality

    The luxe velvet fabric of these dining chairs, modern pendant light above the table and a gallery wall filled with painted portraits make for some unmistakeable Italian flair. Go with quality design, chic colour palette and eclectic mix of artwork for a timeless, elegant look.

    8. Moroccan Spice

    Nothing says Moroccan style quite like the traditional red Kilim pattern. Cosy up an otherwise minimal white
    interior with spice-coloured textiles, characterful wooden armchairs and
    a mix of metals for an eclectic look.

    9. Santorini style

    Get the classic picture-postcard look by blending oceanic blues with crisp white. Layer geometric pattern to keep things rustic and relaxed. Throw in a pop of geranium red and you’ve got the Greek island vibe all year round. Efharisto!

    10. Maharani boudoir

    Make like an Indian princess with a headboard fit for a queen. Opulent damask prints and a sophisticated palette of rich ruby and garnet reds all combine to create the lush effect.

    11. Turkish delight

    Create a modern Istanbul vibe using low slung seating and ethnic pattern, layered and kept under control with a uniform colour palette of Bospherus blue. Touches of brass boost the exotic mood.

    12. Totally Tokyo

    For a slick and chic modern oriental look, blend delicate pinks, cool satins and perfect pleating amd throw in some traditional chrysanthemum motifs to pay homage to the land of the rising sun.

    13. Ibiza idyll

    Paint it, bleach it, scrub it… For the ultimate relaxed island vibe, your base has to be white. Add an accent bright, in a naive print, say, just to show you’re not taking things too seriously.

    14. Portugese palace

    Azulteca tiles take on a new sophistication when brought inside onto a living room walls. Lush up the rustic print by contrasting it with rich velvet upholstery and jazzy textile accents.

    15. Utterly Utah

    For a wild west inspiration, mix the rough with the smooth, teaming exposed brick with polished concrete, lush upholstery and raw wood, weather iron and slick ceramics.

    16. Miami nice

    For a Florida feel, stick to a strict citrus palette, layed against pure white backdrop. Add a hint of black just to keep things grounded and have fun with random accessories. It’s too hot to sweat the small stuff!


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