Unforgettable Absolutely Fabulous moments that interiors fans will love

"It takes more than a carefully placed bottle of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar to make a kitchen, darling." - Edina Monsoon

two women's with ladder and food
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Praise be! Our favourite fabulous fashionistas are back in our lives with their incredible outfits and cutting putdowns.

In celebration of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie we've been reminiscing about some of the funniest moments from the TV series - and of course, Edina's amazing Holland Park house!

Ever the fashion victim, Eddy's home changes as often as her outfits and is almost as much a part of the show as the cast or the cigarette dangling from Patsy's lips. With that in mind, here are a few of our favourite Absolutely Fabulous interiors moments, sweetie.

Door handle


: I want modern. But not what modern was, post-modern. But what it is. Just new. I just want what it will be. You know, when you're at the dentist and there's like that chair and cling-clang, the big light comes down and you just spit and spit. The thing you spit in, that bowl, that's the sort of look I want.


: A sort of ultra-modern spittoon.

Everything about this episode is perfect and not that far fetched to a serious interior obsessive. Edina gets a chance to remodel her kitchen after Patsy falls asleep with a cigarette and wrecks the joint.

three women's brown cabinet and wall white table woolen sweatshirt

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Edina's notoriously high fashion sensibilities and raging self esteem issues make it impossible for her to decide on a style but she remembers a door handle in New York that she quite liked. Patsy and Edina take a day trip on Concorde to the Big Apple and find the door handle in The Four Seasons Hotel.

two women's with white wall black door and purse

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She snaps a Polaroid for the mood board before heading out to explore the sights and Edina gets her naval pierced by a not at all unsanitary establishment. They return to find Saffy has redecorated the kitchen in a rustic style with cheery yellow and blue accents, and that Eddy has missed her daughter's birthday #motheroftheyear.


two women's one men with white wall and white flooring

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Just as Ab Fab manages to skewer the fashion industry, the world of interior design does not get off lightly either.
Eddy is constantly renovating her house in Holland Park - NOT Shepherd's Bush as she'll correct anyone who queries it. She calls in Bettina, an interior decorator with a militant attitude to minimalism played to perfection by Miranda Richardson, who promptly removes every object in the kitchen leaving a pure white box. Unfortunately, she also takes out the stairs.

Edina's ever-changing bedroom

two women's in bedroom with bed window chair and white curtain

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The beauty of Eddy's amazing house is that it's SO of it's time and changes as often as La Croix brings out a new collection. From the monastic white muslin-draped retreat of the late 90s that perfectly fitted her Buddhist phase - to the Designer's Guild florals in her dark and dramatic bedroom of the last series, Eddy manages to nail interiors trends far more effectively than she can her outfits.

Champagne fridge

women's and men in Living room with kitchen crockery and dinning table

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Décor comes and décor goes, there are only two unchanging things in the Monsoon's basement kitchen and that's Patsy smoking at the table and a fully stocked champagne chiller. Quite the essential, darling.