Best of British: 6 ways to make your home more patriotic by flying the flag

Are you a big fan of red, white and blue? Well, a quick and easy way to introduce the strong colour trio to your home is by flying the UK flag.

Adopted in 1801, the Union Jack flag is made up of the Cross of Saint
Andrew counterchanged with the Cross of Saint Patrick over all the Cross
of Saint George. Over the last few years, it has become a popular motif
in homeware - Emma Bridgewater had a china range and napkins in it and
you can even get Union Jack wallpaper. So, in the month that we've not
only welcomed a new member of the royal family but we've also been to
the voting polls, here are a few easy ways to introduce the familiar
flag into your decorating scheme without it being too overwhelming.

table and chair with glass window and flag

(Image credit: TBC)

1. Fly the flag If you want to start off subtly and cheaply, buy patriotic bunting that you can keep in a cupboard, then get it out on appropriate days, such as the Queen's birthday or a royal christening, and hang up inside or out. For similar bunting, try Union Jack bunting (L3m), £3.95, Flag & Bunting Store.

wooden table and chair and flag on wall

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2. Brit art The most obvious thing you can do is hang an actual flag on your wall or buy one of the many pieces of artwork depicting the popular design. has numerous designs ranging from the traditional flag to more tongue-in-cheek interpretations, such as a print of a Union Jack Doctor Marten boot called Booty Call, £9.99, Le Markee range,

bedroom with white wall and flag

(Image credit: Laura Ashley)

3. Princely print Bring it into a kid's bedroom with this great unisex single duvet set. A checked and striped variation of the flag, it is less in-your-face than other designs and its faded colourway creates a bit of a country casual vibe. Charmingly, the Harry cotton duvet set, £55, Laura Ashley, seems to have been named after a popular red-headed royal heartthrob.

white colour with beach view and white colour

(Image credit: The Linen, Lace & Patchwork House)

4. Fit for a princess We can't all have a beach view like this at home, but you can have the pretty-in-pink Union Jack throw, from £145 for a single, The Linen, Lace & Patchwork House, and use it to lay out on in the garden in summer and as a bedspread in winter.

bed with rug and side table

(Image credit: Argos)

5. Regal rug You could simply pop a rug by the bed or in the living room - Argos sells a similar one for just £29.99.

6. Cool Britannia Or you can go all out with a Smeg Right Hand Hinge FAB28QUJ1 Freestanding Fridge - Union Jack, £964, Although maybe not in the bedroom!

Fancy flying the flag? Try this patriotic bedroom scheme


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