Blackboard paint craft ideas

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  • Make a statement in your home with blackboard paint

    Everyone’s talking about blackboard paint! Versatile and easy to use, it’s the perfect way to make a statement in your home.

    Check out our top three ways to use blackboard paint – and don’t forget to follow our step-by-step guide to achieve that all-important finish.

    How to use blackboard paint

    Blackboard paint makes a great alternative to a kitchen noticeboard or can provide a space for the kids to get creative in, without worrying about cleaning up a lot of mess. But what is the trick to getting that perfect blackboard-paint finish?

    We talk you through the steps to getting perfect chalkboard walls ready to scribble all over. Make a statement in your home today.

    Before you start slopping paint on the walls – make sure you’ve primed them first.

    Step 1) Clean the surface

    Make sure the surface area is thoroughly clean before applying paint. If you’re painting over a standard emulsion (matt) paint, you can paint directly onto the surface. If the existing surface is vinyl paint, wood or metal, you’ll need to apply primer.

    Step 2) Apply several coats

    To get a good, even finish, you’ll need to apply several coats. Always check the label before starting, as this should give you a guideline.

    Leave each coat to dry for 3-4 hours before applying the next.

    Step 3) Leave it to dry for 24 hours

    Once dried, the blackboard paint will be ready to use. To remove chalk simply use a warm, damp cloth.

    1) Paint a calendar on the wall

    Need to organise your family over the upcoming bank holiday weekends? Paint a blackboard calendar on the wall in your home office.

    Use black and white chalkboard paint to mix different tones of grey to create an eye-catching effect that’s easier to amend from month to month.

    We love Ronseal’s One Coat Blackboard Paint (250ml), £8.99 from Amazon.

    2) Create your own labels

    Need to declutter your home for spring? Create your own write-on labels using blackboard paint to help you get organised.

    Once dry, chalk on what’s inside and its use-by date, then wipe off when the jar is empty.

    Try Wilko’s quick dry blackboard paint, £3.60 for 250ml.

    3) Create an oversized blackboard

    Paint the back of a door with blackboard paint to create an oversized message board.

    Leave notes for each other, keep track of invitations and write up your shopping list – perfect for busy families.

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