Fancy life on the road? Then watch this epic camper van conversion story

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  • Woman converts old van into a tiny home on wheels - and documents it on her YouTube channel

    Fancy life on the road? Then do we have the tiny home on wheels for you…

    A woman, known only as Chris, has transformed an old Chevy goods delivery truck into a cosy camper van and documented it all on her YouTube channel, Defying Normal.

    The project took 34 months to complete between March 2013 and November 2015, and Chris has documented it all in a four minute time-lapse video.

    Chris took on the project while working and looking after her father who has dementia.

    With absolutely no knowledge or experience in construction, cars, electricity, solar power or plumbing, Chris enlisted the help of a few online classes and videos to complete the conversion.

    The project cost over $20,000 was completed around her day job that helped fund the conversion.

    The online video shows Chris and her boyfriend gutting the Chevy Express van of its car fixtures, such as seatbelts and chair brackets, before coating the shell in insulation strips.

    Chris goes on to build a sturdy floor, kitchen cabinet, giant bed and valuable storage units.

    Solar panels are then fitted to the roof of the van to ensure it is entirely self sufficient, and then comes all the complicated electrical stuff.

    A cosy and spacious bed is fitted beside a snug shower space, before a lick of paint finishes the van off beautifully.

    The result is a cosy and comfortable tiny home on wheels.

    Seriously impressive stuff.

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