Clean your home for the holidays with Roomba

This year, let robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba 880 do the vacuuming while you spend your time decorating and entertaining

living room with wooden flooring and white sofaset with cushions

(Image credit: Gary Sloan)

Logs crackle in the fireplace, piles of plush throws warm up the sofa and the Christmas decorations shimmer magically on your tree. Everything is ready for an evening's celebration with friends and family - except that your floors still need a good, thorough vacuuming.

Let's face it: the one drawback of the party season is cleaning your home before guests arrive (and after they leave). But, this year, help is finally at hand. iRobot's groundbreaking Roomba 880 will do the job for you. At the touch of a button, this swanky robot will vacuum your home clean, sucking up dirt, dust and debris from every corner.

Stylish and beautifully compact, Roomba 880 has a state-of-the art sensor system that allows it to zip effortlessly around your home, adjusting to every kind of surface. It vacuums your floors back and forth several times and, thanks to clever dirt-detection sensors, it specifically targets areas that need extra cleaning.

A combination of three powerful cleaning technologies - the tangle-free AeroForce Extractors, the Airflow Accelerator and the High-Efficiency Vacuum feature - boost vacuum power and cleaning performance, making short work of pet hair and debris. Roomba's innovative filter captures to 99% of dust and dirt, keeping the air in your home pure and clean - perfect for allergy sufferers.

"iRobot Roomba 880 delivers up to 50% more cleaning performance - and it stays in one room until it's completely clean before moving on to the next one, " explains Bo Simonsen of Witt, the company that distributes the iRobot range in the UK and Ireland.

Standing at just 3.6 inches, Roomba's streamlined disc shape, together with a full range of sensors and light-touch bumper technology, allows it to go easily under soft furnishings and reach those pesky, awkward places that are hard to get to with a regular vacuum cleaner. The robot is also equipped with a wall-following feature that ensures it cleans all the way up to your skirting boards. Soft-touch bumpers protect your furniture while cliff-detection sensors keep it from falling down the stairs.

Roomba is so easy to use that you don't even need to be at home to get the cleaning done. Just pre-set the time and day of cleaning, and the robot will self-start and get to work. Roomba will also automatically return to its base to recharge, and let you know when its bin needs to be emptied. Its brushless design makes maintenance a cinch - and your life enormously easier.

Best of all, with Roomba 880 taking care of the vacuuming this year, you'll have more time for the fun stuff - decorating for the holidays, making your home even more gorgeous, and celebrating with family and friends.

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