Cool and classy floors for country living

The new stone-tiled, timber and vinyl floors tick all the boxes for practicality, country style and enduring good looks!

Ancient history
The ravages of time make antique stone flooring a robust option with
plenty of rustic charm. ‘Antique floors bring with them a powerful sense
of history. Each has its own unique story and a patina which, acquired
over hundreds of years, will make it particularly at home in a period
property,' says Jason Cherrington, Managing Director, Lapicida. Antique
flagstones are supplied in random sizes that can be hand-matched to
achieve the desired colour and pattern.

house with tiled flooring wooden pillars

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Nice and easy
Take a fresh look at vinyl flooring, which is quite possibly the lowest
maintenance hard flooring option out there. ‘The latest luxury vinyl
flooring also wins on the style front - effectively emulating
nature-inspired materials like timber and stone - and can even be
customised with motifs and borders for an extra design edge,' says Holly
Johnson, UK marketing manager at Amtico. Vinyl flooring is naturally
warmer underfoot than stone and ceramic and can be used with underfloor

bathroom with white tiled walls and floral printed wallpapers

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Rooted in time
In older properties, reclaimed and antiqued timber flooring will provide
a natural, harmonious fit. ‘There's a great sense of satisfaction to be
had from giving reclaimed timber a new life, while still preserving and
enjoying its historical beauty,' says Robert Henry, owner of The
Reclaimed Flooring Company. ‘It is also possible to achieve a convincing
aged patina on new timbers using a mix of waxes and treatments. The
results are equally beautiful but generally less laborious to install,
and you have more control over the finish.'

room with photoframe on white wall and wooden flooring

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White out
Adding timber flooring to rooms that are already
wood-heavy can overpower. Try switching it up with the latest trend for
whitened wood. ‘This English made wood flooring is a practical,
affordable option and has a solid core to reduce movement,' says Jasper
Middleton, design director, Middleton Bespoke. ‘Ash is durable with a
visual softness that can be used to lift dark interiors. It also carries
a lovely grain and takes whitening oil well.'

kitchen room with wooden flooring and dining table with stools

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A natural flow
‘Using the same large format floor covering throughout different rooms
is a great way to make your home feel more spacious,' says Mandarin
's marketing director Louisa Morgan. ‘It takes the eye through,
allowing different spaces to flow easily. Using consistent tones and
texture throughout is a great way to enjoy a relaxed, fuss-free home.
Large format tiles also result in fewer grout lines, so will reduce the
‘busy' factor compared to smaller tiles.'

room with tiled flooring and wooden bench with pillow

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Great fakes
Advanced manufacturing techniques and realistic
surface textures are creating a new breed of ceramic tiles that offer a
genuine alternative to the natural materials they emulate. ‘We use the
latest inkjet technology on ceramic tiles to replicate the natural
layers found in aged stone, including features such as delicate fossils
that are formed in limestone in the Jurassic era,' explains Robin Auld,
head of marketing at Topps Tiles. Another tick in ceramic's favour is
that it's thin and light enough to use on walls for a coordinated

bathroom with tiled flooring and bathtub

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Pretty in porcelain
‘Patterned flooring is incredibly popular at the moment. It reflects the
trend for embracing hand-crafted, eclectic style and creating rooms
with personality, which is why it works so well in character-filled
country homes,' says Jess Piddock, in-house interior designer, Domus.
These pretty porcelain tiles boast the vintage look of unglazed
encaustic cement but are easy to clean and very durable.

kitchen room with checkered walls and printed tiled flooring

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