Country style on a budget

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  • Smart decorating ideas capturing the heart and soul of country style without splashing the cash.

    1 Trim curtain
    Curtains don’t need to go all the way. Setting a curtain rod halfway or a third of the way up the window gives that authentic café curtain effect, and you’ll need just a fraction of the fabric. If you need to cut more light, opt for blinds rather than curtains to save on fabric.

    2 Coastal look
    It’s a country favourite that’s used in the smartest of homes, yet coastal style is a breeze to put together. Get out the roller and coat walls in inexpensive white emulsion and paint furniture in an eggshell finish. Complete the effect with simple blue and white furnishings.

    3 Jumper cushion
    It’s hard to let go when a favourite jumper no longer meets the grade, but turning it into a cushion means it can sit snug on your sofa for years to come. Complete it with a row of contrast buttons.

    4 Country chairs
    Chairs that have seen something of life are bound to have a bit of wear and tear, but that’s part of their charm. Pick up a matching set for a song at a country sale and paint them in assored colours or put together an ad hoc collection, for an authentic rustic look.

    5 Forest-effect wallpaper
    Some of the best and brightest patterns come on a roll but you don’t need to commit to the expense of decorating a whole room. Instead, concentrate pattern in one area, wallpapering a feature wall, chimney breast or alcoves. Just a roll or two of wallpaper is enough to create a country effect without breaking the bank.

    6 Tiled splashback
    A basin in a bedroom or cloakroom basin doesn’t call for a fully-tiled wall, so you can avoid the expense of calling in the professionals and attempt a tiled splashback yourself. It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce a little pattern to the room.

    7 Painted runner
    No country staircase is complete without a runner, but painting one gets the look at a fraction of the price. Pencil the design onto a couple of steps before fine-tuning and completing in colourful floor paint.

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