Craft empty glass jars into beautiful beach-ready holders for cutlery and paper straws

Collect scraps of pretty ribbon and lace to give jam jars a quick makeover for summer in the country.

craft bottles with spoons and straw with plate

(Image credit: Simon Scarboro)

Perfect for trips to the seaside, and garden parties when you don't want to risk your best china outdoors, decorated jars can be used as containers for cutlery, napkins, sweets or paper straws. You could match ribbon colours to tableware or other decorations, or simply thread the wire with beads, sequins, tiny buttons, pierced shells or crystals and let them sparkle beautifully under the sunshine.

HOW TO DO IT Collect clean, dry jars with wide mouths, then wrap and twist fine wire around each rim. Add another loop of wire as a handle, carefully twisting and tucking in any sharp ends. (It's a good idea to wear safety gloves to protect your hands.) Tie lengths of ribbon or lace to the wire round the neck, or thread the wire first with beads, pearl buttons, sequins or shells before wrapping round the jar. Fill jars with cutlery, paper straws, napkins or wrapped sweets.

TIP: save lengths of used ribbon from presents and knot streamers onto chair backs – they look wonderful blowing in the breeze on a sunny day.

Melamine plates, similar from Rice, John Lewis, Cath Kidston. Wooden cutlery, similar from Pipii. Tablecloth fabric, Reverie, 131093, col Chalk, Harlequin. Wire, ribbon, similar from Hobbycraft.

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