Add some magic to your home with these creative fairy light displays

Create your own twinkle town by lacing fairy lights all year round without looking festive

Christmas may be over for another year but that doesn’t mean twinkly fairy lights can’t still adorn every surface, wall and ornament in our homes.

We’ve got them wrapped round our bedposts, laced over table tops and wound up the stair banister. Here are a few alternative ways you can also display the twinkly fairies…

Drape them across the ceiling

Drape a canopy of shining stars in your own home so it feels like you are sitting outside under the night sky. Hanging twinkly icicles will add a magical feel to any old Tuesday evening.

Cover an ornament

Dangle the string of burnished bulbs over any ornaments in the house to instantly give them a pick me up. Spherical floor balls like this, animal statues, figurines and photo frames will all look prettier lit up.

Wind them round the bedpost

Lending a helping hand to late night reading sessions and early morning rises, twinkly lights wrapped around the bed headboard are functional and light the room with a warm, inviting glow.

Pop them in a glass jar

If you don’t want to string them up over mirrors or doorways like everyone (and we mean everyone) else does then chuck them in a beautiful vase or giant jar to create a modern lamp or candle feature.

Wind them up the staircase

Wind the twinkly lights around your staircase rail for some extra light on your way up at night and make your staircase look like a forest of fireflies lighting the way to bed.

Display on the table

Snake fairy lights across the table instead of a candle if you’ve got children around or a particularly busy table. You can even style them in different colours to match your table scheme.

Hang them in the trees outside

Hanging lights from a tree indoors may not be acceptable all year round but no one said anything about trees outside…

Cover the hallway table

Brighten up your hallway table by lacing a sheet of fairy lights over the top. They’ll add extra light to the dark entrance hall and are guaranteed to have guests smiling as soon as they step through the door.

Brighten up an old box

If you’ve got a box of old logs, a collection of old candles or a crate of random bits and bobs then chuck some fairy lights in there and all of a sudden your old items look magical.

Illuminate an entire wall

Choose tinted bulbs to hang along a plain wall in order to achieve a subtle pink hum or aqua glow. This design is also perfect as a night light in a child’s bedroom.

Light up your firewood feature

Illuminate your hulking display of firewood by lacing a few delicate strands of mini bulbs in between the logs. Not only will it add a girly touch to the firewood but make it an attractive feature in your living room.

Make your bucket sparkle

If your lights are chucked in an old bucket on the side waiting for next Christmas or a birthday celebration, then why not illuminate them now? That tin bucket looks beautiful already.

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