Creative feature wall ideas you won’t have thought of

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  • Alternative wall designs that you won't have thought of - from lockers to handbags

    Statement feature walls
    add character to any room.

    Check out these alternative ideas to block colours and wallaper designs…

    Window wonder

    If you have tremendous windows like this Georgian property, then make these your feature. Swamped in bright curtains that fall to the floor, they certainly are striking.

    Lock it away

    Get nostalgic and take yourself back to your school days with this unconventional feature wall – plus those lockers make pretty nifty storage.

    Stencil art

    These stencil slabs may be simple in colour, but when layered they make a big impact. Alternatively, you could paint over the stencils and then remove to reveal a unique bright pattern on a plain wall.

    Headboard detail

    If your bedroom is neutral and you’re looking to add some character then opt for a statement headboard – this is also a great trick if you’re renting and can’t decorate the walls.

    Tile temptation

    Tile a wall from floor to ceiling to make a big impact in a room. This is particularly ideal in bathrooms or kitchens where splashes and steam need a waterproof material on the wall, plus you can create a fun design like this pastel chevron pattern.

    The writing is on the wall

    Instead of cluttering the work surfaces or taking up shelf space, hang letters on the wall for all to read.

    Mural magic

    Murals offer more than patterned wallpaper – they create a picture or a landscape that will shape the rest of the room’s style and feel. This woodland scene has been paired with crocodile-green and floral finishes to complete the botanical look.

    Bold bookcases

    Being an office of editors and bookworms, a bold bookcase is absolutely essential in our homes. This simple white case is rammed with bright paperbacks and battered books that catch your eye as soon as you enter the room.

    Bare the brick

    Bare brick walls or exposed timbers add character to a period home, but even if you live in a modern build you can still capitalise on this architecture. In this modern kitchen, the brick wall adds terracotta warmth to the neutral units.

    Wooden panels

    Wooden panels instantly remind us of the seaside. Whilst they are often seen in the bathroom or on the lower level of a wall, we love this full wall piece. It doesn’t even have to be painted in a contrasting colour to make a statement.

    Handbag boutique

    It is becoming more fashionable to showcase your clothes like they’re ornaments thanks to walk-ins and door-less wardrobes. Go to the extreme and pin your bags up to add a contemporary dimension to any room.

    Stylish stone

    This room looks suitably chic thanks to the exotic furniture, illuminated colours and that stone wall.

    Map magic

    Love to travel? Then this feature is for you. Forget statement wallpaper and instead paste individual sheets of varying sized maps for a one-of-a-kind wall.

    Hat museum

    If you can pin handbags on the wall, why can’t you hang hats, too? Bowlers, caps, fedoras and boaters all work together on this statement wall that is sure to be a talking point.

    Photo gallery

    Framed photo galleries may have been done time and time again, but these streams of Polaroid photos hanging like clothes from a washing line are perfect in a teen’s bedroom.

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