Easy storage and display ideas using the humble clothes hanger

Fashion this everyday object into something more useful around the home

If the idea of upcycling fills you with fear, worry not as these easy projects are perfect for beginners. Transform clothes hangers four ways to give you simple yet effective storage and display ideas. Why toss something when you can give it a new lease of life!?

Use as magazine holders

Keep your magazines, newspapers and books off table tops and the floor by draping them over the arms of vintage wooden hangers hung on numbered knobs. Find old hangers like these in charity shops, on eBay or at car boot sales.

magazines and newspapers are hung on vintage wooden hangers

(Image credit: TBC)

Display pretty prints

For a quick no-frame idea, hang your favourite prints or your children's artwork from trouser hangers, like these Bumerang ones, 65p each, Ikea. Arrange in groups, attach to wall hooks and job done! For similar hooks try Bjarnum folding hooks, £9.50 for three, Ikea.

favourite prints and artwork hung on the vintage hangers

(Image credit: TBC)

Dress up wire hangers

Make a hanger cover to protect delicate garments. Double up a piece of fabric larger than a hanger, then place a hanger on top. Cut around it, leaving a 1cm seam allowance on the sides and 4cm along the bottom. With right sides facing, stitch together the top two sides (leaving a gap for the hook). Hem along the bottom, leaving it open, then turn inside out and insert the wire hanger.

hanger covers to protect delicate garments

(Image credit: TBC)

Create kitchen storage

Free up worktop and drawer space with a wall-mounted station made from wire hangers. Unwind the hangers below the hook or open with pliers. Fit your kitchen roll, parchment paper or cling film and wrap onto the hangers arms, re-twist the neck and hang from knobs.

wall mounted kitchen storage made from wire hangers

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