How to have fun with orange and black this halloween

Black and orange may be a colour scheme associated with Halloween, but it's not as terrifying as you might think

The combined force of orange and black may instantly conjure up dark images of Halloween, but this colour power couple have far more longevity than your annual carved pumpkin lantern.

Strike a balance between the two hues and you're guaranteed a space that is terrific, rather than terrifying.

Cobwebs most definitely not included.

1. Gently, gently...

patterned wallpaper with carpet on floor and sofa with cushions and table

(Image credit: Housetohome)

Slices of warm orange - found in the cushions, rug and pouffes - breathe life into a cool monochrome scheme. The black elements come in the form of patterned wallpaper and fabrics, with fine lines and flourishes to keep things light and modern. See? Not scary in the slightest!

2. Dine on pumpkin

haunted house with dining room and black table with red chairs and flower vase

(Image credit: Housetohome)

If you want a taste of black and orange, but are a little scared of accidentally creating something that resembles a haunted house, take a look at this dining room. A black table grounds a white vintage-style space, while butternut-squash-coloured seating offers a cheery punch of colour.

3. Clearly not a kitchen nightmare

kitchen area with matt-black tiled wall and orange worktop with sink

(Image credit: Housetohome)

Is it us, or does this kitchen look like it was inspired by the classic Le Creuset earthenware? You know the one we mean - glossy burnt orange with a matt-black handle? Whatever, we love it. That glowing orange worktop, sandwiched between a matt-black tiled wall and zebrano wood cabinetry, all finished with minimal stainless steel hardware... It's breathtaking, in a very good way.

4. Burnish it, don't banish it

living room with wood-black flooring and fireplace

(Image credit: Housetohome)

The only scream you will hear in this living room is one of delight, as you take in this perfect scene. Black-stained wooden floorboards and a hefty cast iron fireplace perfectly balance a nephrite green base, meaning the orange tones of the bronze-coloured elements glow like embers in a coal fire. Pretty much poetic.

5. Teen spirit

bedroom with orange and black with bold retro style

(Image credit: Housetohome)

Shock horror! Power struggles are a common feature of life with teenagers, but this bold retro-style bedroom should help restore the balance. Not only does it feature plenty of black (a favourite with young rebels) but the equally strong orange hues offer parents a secret power: it's known for lifting moods and encouraging communication.

6. Fantastic Mr Fox

bedroom with foxes wallpaper and black frame with orange lamp on bedside table

(Image credit: Housetohome)

Some people find foxes a menace, but here they are just plain cute. Skewed more to the orange end of the scale, black frames and detailing are used to punctuate this playful bedroom.

7. Dressing-up box

textured black wall with carpet floor and dressing-up box

(Image credit: Housetohome)

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to raid your wardrobe or dressing-up box, giving those long-lost treasures a new lease of life. This room is the decorating equivalent of said treasure chest: the textured black wall creates depth, and grounds the many layers of carefully chosen pieces. Meanwhile, terracotta tones found in the intricate furniture and artworks are pulled through the scheme and framed by the floor and painted window recess. Not a trick, this is a pure treat.

8. Ghostly glamour

living room with cosy carpet on floor and ghost-ship-style chandelier with orange wingback chair

(Image credit: Housetohome)

Period properties always have a sense of history attached to them. Use their original features to your advantage and create a dramatic living space. Colour and texture really stands out against the almost-black walls and dark woodwork - golden highlights lift seaweed green and aqua hues, amongst which a striking amber wingback chair makes its presence felt. Just add a ghost-ship-style chandelier, and you're set.


Ginevra Benedetti
Deputy Editor (Print)

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