How to make a glass hurricane candle holder

Create a striking glass hurricane candle holder to light up dark evenings using foraged finds and a traditional church candle

Bring a cosy glow to your country-decorating scheme with this woodland-inspired hurricane candle holder. Country Homes and Interiors shows you how to make it in just three easy steps…

You will need:

  • Glass hurricane vase (£9, Grand Illusions)
  • Leather thong (£6.99, Fred Aldous)
  • Decorative metal flowers or charms
  • Tree bark
  • Church candle

Step one

Use a craft or Stanley knife to gently prise a section of bark from a recently cut branch from a tree in your garden. If you don’t have access to recently pruned trees or shrubs, there are faux barks available; try Etsy for a selection.

Step two

Wipe the bark with a clean cloth to remove any dirt and debris. Rub softly with a dry cloth, taking care not to crack the bark. Keep going until you have a lovely sheen – we used silver birch bark, which polishes up very well.

Step three

Wrap the clean bark around the centre of a glass hurricane vase and tie loosely in place with a leather thong threaded with decorative metal flowers or charms (choose from a variety available at Hobbycraft). Place a traditional white church candle inside, to finish.

If foraging for tree bark isn’t for you, use a strip of textured or handmade wallpaper instead. Fabric works well too; linen and hessian are great choices for a homespun finish.

Feeling inspired? Why not choose a variety of materials and decorate two or three hurricane vases in varying sizes to create a striking tabletop display – style alongside winter greenery and woodland hues for a wintery rustic look.

NB never leave burning candles unattended.

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