How to make a pretty paper rose decoration

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  • Discover how to craft this ornamental rose from paper sheet music by following these simple instructions from Country Homes & Interiors.

    How to make a pretty paper rose decoration

    Create this pretty flower decoration with stylish sheet music with Country Homes & Interiors’ easy instructions.

    You will need

    • Sheet music (we recycled some found at a vintage fair)
    • Scissors
    • Ruler
    • Hot glue gun

    Step 1) Measure and cut the sheet music into about 20 x 5cm squares.

    Step 2) Create the flower by cutting the square shapes into petals. Simply start at the bottom of the square, slightly in a bit from the edge, then cut a rounded side, top and opposite side, finishing slightly in a bit along the straight bottom edge. Repeat with the remaining squares. Gently roll all the petals to give them a soft curve.

    Step 3) Take one petal and roll it up tightly to create the central bud. Secure using a dot of glue from a hot glue gun.

    Step 4) Place a dot of glue from the glue gun on either ends of the flat edge of the second petal. Wrap around and fix to the bottom of the central bud.

    Step 5) Continue attaching petals at even spaces until you have built up a complete flower.

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