How to make pretty glassware

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    Looking for mantelpiece ideas? Add splashes of colour and pattern
    to an all-white scheme by transforming your glassware. Simply look
    through your cupboards for plain pieces that need to have a colour fix. This pretty glassware in gorgeous shades is perfect for bedroom shelves or living room mantels. But don’t forget – never leave lit candles unattended, or allow them to
    burn too low.

    1 hour and 30 minutes

    £25.81 for candleholders and £14.45 for storm lantern

    What you’ll need
    * Masking tape
    * Pomp lantern, £9.19, Ikea
    * Blomster candleholders, £15.31 for three, Ikea
    * Montana 94 spray paint in Luminous Green, Electric Blue and Erika, £3.50 per 400ml, Cowling & Wilcox
    * A4 paper
    * Collection 2000 Hot Looks nail polishes in Siren, Candy Floss and Show Off, £1.79 each, Boots

    Build up layers of spray paint for an even finish, leaving to dry fullly between each coat.

    1) Mask off the base of the lantern and inside the candleholders. Working
    outdoors, spray the bottom of the lantern pink, then spray each candleholder 
a different colour.

    2) Once dry, remove the masking tape. Sketch out your floral design onto paper. Stick the paper to the inside of the storm lantern, so you can see the design.

    3) Using the nail varnish, paint the pattern on the outside of your lantern, following your drawing. Allow to dry, then add a second coat.

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