Into the woods: our pick of the tree trend

From tables and windows to LED lights, trees are everywhere in the interiors world. Our growing passion for wood and craft has firmly taken root

tree magical windows and bathtub

(Image credit: Rachel Welford)

1. Magical windows
Doesn't everyone dream of soaking in a bath with a beautiful view? Well, if that's not possible where you live, cheat with one of glass artist Rachel Welford's gorgeous tree windows, above and below.

silver mirror branches tree glass window

(Image credit: Rachel Welford)

Featuring layers of mirrored and frosted glass, her artworks change in response to the light. So that with daylight behind them, the silver mirror branches appear as dark silhouettes, but at night-time, they reflect light from inside the room and become bright against a dark sky. The tree shapes in the frosted glass diffuse the branches behind and turn reflected light into a soft, blurry glow. Whichever room you put them in, they'll be magical. Bespoke windows, from £1,000.

electric avenue sparkling tree

(Image credit: Twilight Trees)

2. Electric avenue
Looking for that special party piece? How about a sparkling tree, or for a real show stopper - a cherry

orchard? Romantic and elegant, Twilight Trees's sculptured LED cherry and maple designs create instant atmosphere. Brilliant twinkling at your front door too! Prices start at £545 for a 1.5m tree, but you can also hire them if you don't want to buy.

white background with mushroom table

(Image credit: Chaplin's)

3. Ring leader
Giorgio Cattelan's Bora Bora bistro table, £1,189, for Cattelan Italia at Chaplin's runs rings round
your average living room piece. With its top made from a section of oak tree
trunk, you can be sure your piece will be a one-off, boasting its own unique
shape, colouring and size. The lacquered aluminium base also comes in

circle shape logo with white backgroung

(Image credit: heals)

4. Going with the grain
The Eco table by Riva 1920, from
£1,050 at Heal's, not only looks good, but smells fantastic too. Carved
from sustainably sourced cedar, it perfectly captures the trend for
rustic craftsmanship and will fit into any contemporary scheme, from
pared-back Scandi to eclectic contemporary. Just sand the wood (the Eco comes
with its own maintenance kit of gloves and Brillo pads) to preserve
the colour and release its natural cedar scent.

shake dark cabinet with white background

(Image credit: The New Craftsmen)

5. Dark star
For a more dramatic take, craftsman of the moment Sebastian Cox has combined traditional skills with modern artistry to create a blackened version of his Shake cabinet for The New Craftsmen. Manufactured by Benchmark Furniture, the Scorched Shake, £4,600, is made from sustainably managed chestnut and ash, which has been cleft (split along its grain) to make shingles, which are then hand-scorched to create these wonderfully textured door frames. Not your average burnt offering, this is refined woodcraft indeed.

orinoco table

(Image credit: Henry Swanzy)

6. Going with the flow
For his curvy Orinoco bench, approx £2,800, designer Henry Swanzy has merged pristine stainless-steel frames with the first cut of timber from the trunk of ‘Pippy' English oak. While the seat is smooth, the underside maintains the natural contours of the tree. The first cut is ordinarily overlooked, so this piece is truly a ‘rescued' material. Swanzy readily admits inspiration came not only from the South American river, but the thrifty womble character of SW19. Wow... who can resist a piece named after a womble?



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