How to make a statement with simplicity

Simple doesn’t have to be boring; in fact, when it comes to interior design, we often find that the simpler the better! You don’t need glamorous extravagance to make a statement... neutral colours and white space can have serious impact whilst being elegant and timeless. So get rid of that animal print wallpaper, it’s time to go minimal!

1. Stick to a neutral colour palette

bedroom with bed with pillows and white wall

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Although bright colours can make a bold statement, muted colours speak volumes. Variations of the same colour give a room depth, and pastel shades are great for adding a splash of colour without stepping out of your comfort zone. Plus neutral colours never go out of style, perfect for those who hate redecorating!

2. Less furniture = more impact

bedroom with bed and white coloured arm chair

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It's no secret that less furniture makes a room look more spacious. Invest in one feature piece you really love, as oppose to lots of matching products you'll throw out in a year. Not only will this reduce clutter and save you money (always a bonus!), it will also give your home a classic designer look.

3. The bigger the better

bedroom with floor lamp and bed with pillows

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Just because simplicity means less furniture, it doesn't mean you can't supersize your minimal purchases. This white oversized floor lamp upholds a clean look, while creating eye-catching impact. By going big you can add drama and still maintain low-key modesty.

4. Keep wall art to a minimum

room with white coloured door stools and white wall

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It is not true that white walls must be covered in order for a house to feel like a home. White walls are the key to chic minimalism; they revert attention back to those much-loved statement pieces you spent hours deciding on. Not to mention they're indisputably versatile.

5. Go wild with wood

room with white wall wooden chair and wooden table

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Adhering to a neutral colour scheme, wood is the perfect texture to compliment a minimalist design. Nothing quite says simplicity like the rawness of wood, and you can never have too much of it.
Combined with both dark and light neutrals, wooden furniture can add a summer feel even in the coldest of months. A must for our infamous British ‘summers'!

6. Emphasise a room's focal point

dining area with white walls and wooden table with chair

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The key to simplicity is keeping clutter to an absolute minimum. Instead of spreading products out to fill every inch of a room, why not centre the attention on just one area? The generous space around this dining table shows off the striking furniture without any distraction; the perfect way to make a simple statement.


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