How to etch pretty glasses

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    With a little time and patience, you can jazz up everyday wine glasses using glass etching cream. We’ve stuck to a natural leaf theme for ours but you could try more graphic spots or even stripes.

    Takes 1 hour

    Costs £10.64 for four wine glasses

    What you’ll need

    Evia wine goblets, £4.49 for four, Dunelm Mill

    Marker pen

    Piece of white A4 paper

    Sticky tape

    Armour Glass Etching Cream, £6.15 for 90ml, Hobby’s

    Thin paint brush

    Tip Avoid any contact between your skin and the cream, taking care when you wash each glass.

    1) Wash and dry your glasses,
    removing any sticky marks. Draw a simple leaf onto a small piece of
    paper, practising until you are happy with your design – aim for a
    fluid, simple shape.

    2) Pop the paper with your final leaf design inside your goblet,
    with the design facing out. Hold in place with a piece of sticky tape at
    the rim.

    3) Carefully trace over the design with a thick coat of
    etching cream, applied using the fine paintbrush. Steady your arm by
    resting your elbow on the table.

    Leave for five minutes for the cream to react, then wash off with water. Repeat to etch your glass four more times.

    Tip Going to a wedding? Why not etch the date on a pair of glasses as a gift for the happy couple?

    Feel inspired to etch your own glasses? Let us know how you do on Facebook.

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