Shopping Edit – 11 best wall mirrors and floor mirrors for your home

Functionally, the best mirror can flood a room with light while from a decorative perspective, mirrors can instantly add a touch of personality to your home

Any room can be improved with the addition of a humble floor or wall mirror. Much more than simply a tool for checking your hair and taking an outfit photo, mirrors can play a key part in decorating a home. Not only because they help to bounce light around to create a sense of space and depth, but they also provide the perfect way to fill an otherwise plain wall or empty corner.

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Mirrors can be used to their best advantage to enhance every room. Whether that be inside a small living room, in the corner of a narrow, window-less hallway or a in the middle of a bright bathroom – perhaps it's a full-size bedroom mirror that you are after? This home decor accessory has the ability to turn a space from drab to fab. The best part? You needn't spend an arm and a leg on a wall mirror or floor mirror. Check out our top picks below for proof.

What type of mirror to choose? That's up to you! And the size of your space (and budget). There are wall mirrors to take up zero of your precious floor space, though these obviously require you to drill holes in your wall. Floor mirrors are usually lengthy in height so that you can see your entire outfit up close and from afar, and these can either be wall-mounted, leaned against a wall or sometimes they come with a stand to make them renter-friendly. There are mirrors with shelves for your bathroom or hallway – for holding your hand soap or keeping your keys safe. Don't forget about mirrors with storage so that you can add light and style to your space, whilst still being super practical. Of course, there are over mantle mirrors to balance atop your fireplace – plus many more types.

Whether it's a new bathroom mirror or a fancy hallway mirror to give the illusion that this space is bigger than it really is, or even a bedroom mirror to do your makeup up, Ideal Home is here to help. What are you waiting for? Whichever room you're looking to dress with a mirror, we've got it covered in our round-up of the best mirrors available to buy now online. Take a look for inspiration...

11 of the best mirrors

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MADE Tulsi Bamboo Round Wall Mirror

(Image credit: Made)

1. MADE Tulsi Bamboo Round Wall Mirror

Our favourite wall mirror


Materials: Bamboo
Size: D80cm

This bamboo beauty is rounded for a softer look, while we say to place it anywhere from a hallway – above a shelf or some shoe storage – to a living room atop a mantle, or even in your bedroom mounted above your chest of drawers. It could even work well within a gallery wall or you could place it inside a bathroom. The reason the Tulsi Bamboo Round Wall Mirror is our first pick? It's super versatile – and eco-conscious thanks to its bamboo construction. Choose to wall mount this mirror or lean it against a wall and leave it to make a statement. Unique and understated, this wall mirror may be retro but it'll definitely work inside any home, whether yours is contemporary, modern, scandi or minimalist.

Buy now: MADE Tulsi Bamboo Round Wall Mirror, £79, 

Habitat Windowpane Full Length Wall Mirror

(Image credit: Habitat)

2. Habitat Windowpane Full Length Wall Mirror

Our favourite full-length mirror


Style: Full length windowpane
Dimensions: H140cm x W60cm x D2.5cm

Searching for a full-length mirror to make your room(s) appear brighter – and larger? Add Habitat's sought-after WindowPane Full Length Wall Mirror to your basket. Lean this mirror against a plain wall to spruce it up in seconds. Alternatively, you could mount it to your wall so that it sits at an even higher height. There are 15 panes in total so this mirror ought to give the illusion that your space is larger than it actually is. Just when we thought the industrial chic look couldn't get any more stylish.

Dimensions: H140cm x W60cm x D2.5cm

Buy now: Habitat Windowpane Full Length Wall Mirror, £140, Habitat

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Dunelm Essentials Freestanding Mirror with a plant next to it

(Image credit: Dunelm)

3. Dunelm Essentials Freestanding Mirror

Our favourite freestanding mirror


Dimensions: L123cm x W32cm x DH140, W60, D2.52cm

As soon as we spotted Dunelm's Essentials Freestanding Mirror we knew it had to be one of our top picks. Why? It's budget-friendly, rather sizeable and also very stylish. It's the perfect addition to a modern, minimalist or even contemporary home. And for just £20 it's a total bargain. Place this freestanding mirror in the corner of a room – perhaps a bedroom or a hallway – to take a look at your entire outfit or to take that all-important mirror selfie. It has a stylish black metal frame with a stand, making it renter-friendly or ideal if you hate drilling holes into your walls (us too!).

Buy now: Dunelm Essentials Freestanding Mirror, £20, Dunelm

Made Stria Wall Mirror with Shelves

(Image credit: Made)

4. MADE Stria Wall Mirror with Shelves

Our favourite bathroom mirror


Dimensions: H70cm x W50cm x D11cm

With rounded edges and a black matte finish, the stylish and sophisticated Stria Wall Mirror has hidden shelves so that you can store your toothbrush and skincare away, while still keeping it within easy reach. Hang this mirror over your bathroom sink and strategically place your items so they are either hidden or on show. What to leave on show? We say your hand soap and perhaps a candle or reed diffuser. Better yet, place it above your toilet and use it to store your loo rolls in style. 

Buy now: MADE Stria Wall Mirror with Shelves, £159,

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Dunelm Lucy Cane Dressing Table Mirror

(Image credit: Dunelm)

5. Dunelm Lucy Cane Dressing Table Mirror

Our favourite vanity mirror


Dimensions: W36cm x L59cm x D3cm

Use the Lucy Cane Dunelm mirror to transform any surface into a dressing table. With two cane sections for good balance (we mean this both literally and figuratively) this grey find might be the traditional buy your bedroom needs. Who says it has to sit atop a grey surface? Not us! It's certainly something a little different, and if grey's not your colour then you could always paint it.

Buy now: Dunelm Lucy Cane Dressing Table Mirror, £45, Dunelm

MADE Hugin Freestanding Mirror and Clothes Rail

(Image credit: Made)

6. MADE Hugin Freestanding Mirror & Clothes Rail

Our favourite wardrobe mirror


Dimensions: H158cm x W79cm x D46cm

Taking the term wardrobe mirror to another level, the Hugin Freestanding Mirror doubles as a clothes rail. Use it to hold the clothes you are planning on wearing for the next few days – or just your favourite ever items. Then, check yourself out in the mirror that sits right next to the rail. What a unique addition to a bedroom or dressing room! It would also make a nifty buy for a spare bedroom in which you don't need a separate wardrobe, just a small amount of space for clothes for when guests come to stay. If ever there was a case for furniture that's practical and stylish, this is it.

Buy now: MADE Hugin Freestanding Mirror & Clothes Rail, £159, Made

Graham & Green Large Window Pane Mirror in hallway up against wall

(Image credit: Graham and Green)

7. Graham & Green Large Window Pane Mirror

Our favourite window mirror


Dimensions: H207cm x W109cm

Wow! There's a statement and then there's this incredibly striking art deco-style window pane design from Graham & Green. The huge rustic mirror is set in a metal frame to replicate the look of a window, instantly creating a sense of depth. It's perfect for opening up a small space, such as a hallway. The frame is a black metal finish. It's official: we love the Graham & Green Large Window Pane Mirror. If it's within your budget, then why not go for it?

Buy now: Large Window Pane Mirror, £425, Graham & Green

Habitat Freja Mirror with Shelf

(Image credit: Habitat)

8. Habitat Freja Mirror with Shelf

Our favourite mirror with a shelf


Dimensions: H60cm x W40cm x D10.5cm

A mirror with a shelf can prove handy, whether it's for your bathroom for holding your hand soap and toothbrush, for your bedroom for keeping your jewellery safe or for a hallway for placing your keys atop. The Freja Mirror from Habitat makes a great addition to any home, especially since it comes in three colours. Choose a shelf colour from grey, pink or green. We say go for a colour to inject something playful into your rooms. With curved edges for a softer look, this budget-friendly shelf is brilliant.

Buy now: Habitat Freja Mirror with Shelf, £20, Habitat

Maisons du Monde Taiga Pine Mirror

(Image credit: Maisons du Monde)

Because your hallway is the first room your guests see on arrival, so it's important that your hallway furniture and decor makes a statement. Starting with a mirror, of course, because hallways are renowned to be teeny. Even if yours isn't (lucky you!) then it would be worth popping a sizeable mirror inside this room. Why? A mirror will make any space appear larger since it aims to improve light. On that note, we are also guessing your hallway doesn't have a window? Buy yourself a hallway mirror. Specifically, the Taiga Pine Mirror from Maisons Du Monde. It features a thick, striking pinewood border to add depth to your decor, and it can be leaned against your wall which means no drilling. Win-win! It's also surprisingly cheap, considering its large size.

Dimensions: H165cm x W81.5cm x D2.5cm

Buy now: Maisons du Monde Taiga Pine Mirror, £142, Maisons du Monde

Dunelm Louis Gold Leaner Mirror

(Image credit: Dunelm)

10. Dunelm Louis Gold Leaner Mirror

Our favourite bedroom mirror



The Dunelm Louis Gold Leaner Mirror may not be 100% your style, but rest assured it will prove to be a focal point in your bedroom. Over your bed, furniture and wall art, that is. It’s gold in colour and timelessly elegant with a baroque solid frame. Lean it against a wall (a coloured wall, preferably) to check out your outfit each day and snap an OOTD photo you’ll definitely want to post on your feed. It really is a bargain, too, at less than £20o.

Dimensions:  L176cm x W90cm

Buy now: Dunelm Louis Gold Leaner Mirror, £199, Dunelm

EO Ice Cream Mirror

(Image credit: EO)

11. EO Ice Cream Mirror

Our favourite kids' room mirror


Dimensions: H57 x W22cm

Reasons to buy

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Reasons to avoid

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This playful mirror is ideal for the kids' bedroom or playroom. It's shaped like an ice lolly and even has a wooden 'stick' that's made of European Oak. Choose from a range of different colours for the tip of the lolly, from pink-stained glass to green, brown, blue and grey. They'll love it, plus the EO Ice Cream Mirror is both functional and stylish.

Buy now: EO Ice Cream Mirror, £77, Amara

Where to buy a new mirror?

If none of these mirrors took your fancy, then see below and click through to shop tonnes more mirrors by retailer. We're sure you'll find something to suit your taste below.

What to consider when buying a new mirror?

If you've already an idea in your head where you want your new mirror to go, then get your tape measure out. Measure your wall so that you get an approximate idea of just how large – or small – you want your new mirror to be. And, it goes without saying that you should always measure the mirror that you've found and double-check it fits your space. This pretty much goes for anything large for the home, not just mirrors. Also, consider a mirror's depth – especially if you are placing it in a narrow room such as a hallway.

You'll need to bear in mind the weight of your new mirror if you are planning on mounting it to your wall. Especially if you are working with a plaster wall. If you'll be doing the drilling, make sure that your wall can take this weight, if not, ask whoever will be hanging the mirror for their advice.

This is completely down to your preference, but we would recommend mirrors with metal constructions and wood borders over that of plastic versions. Why? Metal and wood frames are ten times more durable, plus they look slightly more sophisticated in your home. Saying that, plastic mirrors do tend to be cheaper in price.

Now you've seen our pick of the best wall mirrors and floor mirrors, it's time to reflect on which one would best suit your style... and get shopping.

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