6 ways to personalise a rented home

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  • It’s not easy making a house a home, especially when it's just rental! Here's how to personalise your space, without even looking at a paint brush or wallpaper paste

    1. Add life with house plants

    Although a big, ‘I’ve just moved in’ giveaway, plants will make a new place feel homely. Whether it’s a small cactus on the windowsill or a ceiling-tall palm, greenery gives the impression that you care about your home. Especially if you manage to keep them alive… The less green-fingered amongst us could look at the excellent artificial foliage now on offer at places such as Abigail Ahern.

    2. Bring in colour and pattern with a statement rug

    A striking rug will make even the plainest of rooms seem cosy, which is particularly important in rented properties that sometimes feel temporary and unloved. With an incredible selection of rugs out there, it’s easy to personalise your home without making any permanent changes (or damages!). Plus, when you move out, you can just roll it up and take it with you! Can’t do that with a feature wall!

    3. Hang colorful artwork

    One of the hardest things about rented properties is the limited scope to decorate; although a classic look, white walls can sometimes make a home feel cold and empty. One simple way to fix this, without risking your deposit, is by bringing in some artwork. A bold painting or photograph can add character and give your home that splash of personality. And, unlike the bricks and mortar, it’s all yours.

    4. Choose freestanding over fitted storage

    Obviously you can’t go about fitting extensive joinery, so why not investigate the plethora of free-standing solutions on the market. These will solve any storage issues you might have, and can also bring in interest in their own right. Plus – you can pick it up and walk out the door with it when you move on to your next pad.

    5. Go for colour in the bedroom

    Your bedroom is the place where you can experiment with pattern and colour without leaving a trace when you move out. Hang bright curtains or splash out on some extravagant bedding; you could also always leave your brightest clothes lying out! When your favourite colours surround you, your home will always feel like yours.

    6. Buy outside of the box

    If you fill your humble abode with your most prized possessions, your personality will always show. Maybe it’s that quirky lamp your mum hates that will personalise your home… You knew there was a good reason to keep it!

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