Fancy a stay on your own floating island?

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  • Super-yacht Kokomo Ailand by Migaloo is the floating home of dreams

    Need a holiday? How does a trip aboard your own personal floating island sound?

    Thanks to Migaloo, a luxury yacht company in Austria, you could soon be able to hop aboard your own private island and drift across the sea in serious style.

    Designs of the floating island (officially know Kokomo Ailand but referred to by us as ‘the yacht to end all yachts’) were unveiled at the Monoco Boat Show.

    The designs show a fully personalised private island that can be maneuvered across the sea – you know, so you can get away from any riff-faff on matching private floating islands that come too close for comfort.

    It features a luxury penthouse, elevators, a jacuzzi with glass bottom and a beach club with a gym. On the jungle deck (!) you’ll find a waterfall, palm trees and helipad – should you fancy returning to the main land for supper.

    Sounds too good to be true? Well, the floating island is just a design at the moment, but the company behind it says it has had genuine interest in the ideas from clients.

    Ahoy there, sailors! Need a shipmate for luxury island larks?

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