Six of the best affordable artists

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  • Six of the best affordable artists

    When a blank wall stares back at you it can be difficult to know how exactly to fill it. Wallcoverings aside, artwork is one of the best ways to showcase your personal taste – as well as supporting young artists. And if you’re the type of person to look futher than the ubiquitous black and white photographic prints sold en mass everywhere (Breakfast at Tiffany’s print I’m looking at you) then there are lots of art fairs cropping up to inspire you with affordable and unique art. The Affordable Art Fair (in Battersea, Hampstead and Bristol) is a great place to start, but over the weekend we also discovered The Other Art Fair in central London and the potential haul of work from up and coming artists was great. Who knows – you may even pick up a work from the next Van Gogh…

    Here are six of our favourite artists from the fair. All their art is available to buy via The Other Art Fair website.

    Megan Rowden

    Megan is a sculptor and educator who specialises in ceramics, casting, installations and alternative firings. A real show stopper for the living room. ‘Yellow Holon’.

    Jo Kernon

    Jo Kernon paints abstract paintings in oil and watercolour; often large scale. A fabulous and vibrant addition to a stylish home. ‘Dance it Loud’ £155.

    Benjamin Parker

    Having originally trained as an illustrator of children’s books, Benjamin Parker is now practicing fine art and his work is characterised by dark, inky colours. Great against a muted Farrow & Ball wall. ‘Divide et impera (Divide and conquer)’ £575.

    Benjamin Buckley

    London-based artist Benjamin Buckley draws in thick black lines
    reminiscent of and inspired by traditional Chinese & Japanese
    woodblock prints. These will jump off the wall. ‘Singapore’ £3,000.

    Dan Hillier

    Dan combines Victorian sensibilities with a fascination
    for animal attributes. His work is characterised by depictions of
    fantastical human/animal hybrids, spliced together with late-1800s
    imagery. Perfect for a dimly lit moody drawing room. From £320 for a hand pulled screen print.

    Tammy Mackay

    Tammy has a passion for printmaking. She uses animals and birds to convey symbolism in a process layered with meaning. Added interest for a kitchen wall. ‘True Colours’ £225.

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