New Year resolutions for a super smart – and tidy! – home

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  • We have the solutions to those ambitious tidy resolutions

    Christmas is over and all we are left with is stale mince pies, far too much stuff and ambitious New Year resolutions!

    Don’t worry, though, we can help (with the tidying anyway) thanks to these smart and sassy storage solutions for those impressive resolution lists.

    It’s all about decluttering, re-homing and sprucing. But guess what, you don’t have to part with a thing – and here’s how…

    Hook it up

    If everything is hanging, then everything looks like it has a place! Clear your valuable floor space by stringing odd sods, from drying duvets to coats and scarves, whilst adding decoration to a bland wall.

    Say yes to shelves

    You cannot complain about cramped, messy drawers if you have giant, barren walls. Line rows of shelving along the walls and neatly (we mean neatly as everyone can see) stack pots, pans, tea towels and tubs.

    Wonder wall

    A wall full of storage units – this room is our dream. Slather shelves in a dosing of glossy paint and place beautifully framed photos, books, lamps and plants for the ultimate well-kept wall.

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    Double up

    Double your deep drawers up by adding a second pull-out space.
    Now, cutlery can live with crockery in harmony behind beautiful kitchen cupboards without cluttering the work surfaces.

    Be a trolley dolly

    No more space in the bathroom cabinet for all those new smellies you got for Christmas? Purchase a beautiful trolley for more space without getting rid of anything and place it in the corner like a new piece of furniture.

    Built in wardrobes

    Walls of built-in wardrobes mean one thing, more clothes! Your pieces will now be easier to find, organised and you get separate space from your other half so they don’t know how much you are secretly buying…

    Tidy with Tupperware

    Have you ever seen anything quite as organised as this? If you are being ambitious with your tidy resolutions then box up and label everything up in your pantry or craft room before placing in alphabetical order. Too far?

    Upscale your upcycling

    Upcycle your old Christmas wine boxes by nailing them on their side to the wall and creating industrial looking, boxed shelving. Objects in here will be on show and look more like ornaments than essentials.

    Clean your kitchen space

    Include shelves, drawers, cubbyholes and door slots in your food cupboard. No longer are awkward heights going to be an issue as everything from the little spice jars to long spaghetti strands have a dedicated area.

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    Organise the children’s rooms

    Now is the perfect time to create some order in the kids’ playrooms and bedrooms. With wall units and robust hampers like these, everything has a home – for now at least.

    Recycle an old wardrobe

    New Year resolutions

    Recycle that old wardrobe in the spare room or downstairs in the utility cupboard. A space like this is perfect for hiding those extra blankets, cushions and even the dirty laundry!

    Fill the space

    New Year resolutions

    Don’t let any crack go unturned, especially if you live in a little cottage. Space like the caverns either side of the fireplace should be celebrated the only way we know how, with wine (or anything else without a home.)

    What is your New Year resolution?

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