Tackle a Task: Freshen Up Your Bed

The hero products and information you need to keep your bed, bed linen and mattress looking as good as new

Wash your duvet twice a year and pillows at least once every two months. Those filled with synthetic fibres can be washed in a machine (a 60˚C wash will kill dust mites), while feather and down bedding needs to be professionally cleaned.

Tackle stains as soon as possible, especially on a mattress. Soak the mark with a dry absorbent cloth, then dab it away with cold water and a sponge. Don't use hot water as it will only set the stain, and use a stain remover on stubborn marks.

Revive your mattress by sifting bicarbonate of soda directly onto it. Leave it for at least an hour to soak up the smells, then vacuum off.

Pre-treat upholstered beds, especially headboards, to avoid marks. Always use a cleaner that's suitable for upholstery to remove stains, following the instructions on the bottle. Wooden bed frames can also become covered in dust - a quick polish will leave them looking as good as new.

Create a cleaning cocktail. Fill a spray bottle with vodka (a natural disinfectant) and equal parts water, then spritz directly onto your mattress. Ensure you leave your mattress to air-dry completely before you make the bed again.

Preserve your bedding with a mattress protector - go for a design with quilting and extra padding for comfort, or wicking and waterproof top layers for practicality. Look out for a machine-washable option, too, so you can wash it with your bed linen.

Give your bed an airing every morning by drawing the covers off and letting your sheets and mattress breathe for 20 minutes before making the bed.


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hand-held vac with white and dust cleaner

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Banish dust and irritating mites with this device
V6 mattress hand-held Vacuum cleaner, £250, Dyson

spray bottle with white and cleaner

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Spritz directly onto clean bed linen for a fresh summer smell Lavender linen mist, £12, Crabtree & Evelyn


bottle with polish liquid and white

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Give your wooden bedstead some long-overdue TLC Fragrance-free furniture polish, £7, Daylesford Organic

bottle with soda and cleaner

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Sprinkle on your mattress, leave for an hour, then vacuum off Cooks' Ingredients bicarbonate of soda, 89p, Waitrose

cover with mattress and white

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Add another layer of comfort, plus extra stain protection Waterproof mattress protector, from £30 for a single, John Lewis

spray bottle with cleaner and water with vodka

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Mix with water in a spray bottle and spritz your mattress to remove odours Vodka (35cl), £6, Sainsbury's

spray bottle with vanish and cleaner

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Tackle marks on an upholstered headboard Vanish Oxi Action upholstery cleaner (500ml), £4, Homebase

pillow protector with dust cleaner and guard

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Can be washed at 60˚C to kill dust mites and allergens Pillow protector, £9.50, The Fine Bedding Company

scrubbers with cleaner and brush

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Clean any stubborn stains with ease thanks to its nonslip handle All-purpose brush, £6, Oxo

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