The 7 stages of a renovation project

The home improvement journey is about to start! Here are the stages of joy you're about to experience... Excited? Of course you are.

You've built yourself up to this moment for as long as you can remember; it started with the childish crayon scribbles, took a turn through teen poster wallpapering trends, and culminated in secret Pinterest boards called ‘The Dream House'... and now the time has come to undertake a renovation project.

1 Planning

You've watched countless decorating shows on TV, armed yourself with a
back-catalogue of interiors magazines, created moodboards and wishlists
and spent your weekends dreamily wandering the aisles of cavernous DIY
stores. You've totally got this covered. You have it All. Planned. Out.
Oh, wait, the budget...and the contractors...?

renovation planning with flower rose and moodboards with interiors magazines

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2 Excitement

come on, that's all fine! You're about to embark on a kitchen overhaul/
revamp/ building project of epic proportions! IT'S EXCITING!
There are exclamation marks all over the place. Just try and wipe the
smile off your face.

room with paper balloon

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3 Productivity

Fine. Excitement is great and all, but it doesn't get things done. It's
time to be practical. To be productive, you need to be organised. It's
time to speak to the experts, find out what's feasible, make lists, put
together timelines, place orders, arrange deliveries, confer with the
tradesmen on the realities and contingency plans, and get everything
clear. An organised project is a smooth-running one.

room with brick wall and open shelve

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4 Re-organising the budget

You checked and checked and re-checked your figures and it squared up,
but something was delivered late/ a custom-made element got damaged on
site/ the weather is not playing ball and now the whole project is
running behind. That contingency budget has come into play (and
disappeared), and now it's time to reconsider all the elements of your
project. As a rule, bankrupting yourself is not a good home improvement
look. Now, where can you make some changes to re-allocate your funds?

room with books and calculator

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5 Frustration

This is not fun any more. You just want a day where you don't have to
think about rawl plugs, underfloor cables or skip hire. Why are the
builders working so slowly? You swear progress has not been made since
you checked in an hour ago. For the fifth time today. At this point, you
need to find a way to relax. Phone a friend with a working bath, and
take some time out.

bathroom with white bathtub

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6 Disillusionment

Will this ever end? Will this dust-filled, noisy building site ever
resemble the calmly gleaming, polished image you joyously pinned all
those months ago? Who even cares? This was a big mistake. You are never
ever taking on a renovation project again. Ever.

polished image

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7 Euphoria

The builders have packed up the last of their tools, the vacuum has sucked the dust clean away, and now you are standing in your freshly completed renovation and it is... b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. You just keep wandering around staring at it, mesmerised. Are those birds you can hear singing? It's amazing! You're buzzing with energy. You know what you need to do? Throw a party! Ooooh, but first, what can you remodel next?

room with wooden bench and beer bottle

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