The big draw: 9 of the most striking curtains and blinds

Livingetc picks out the best ways to dress your windows

Have windows in your home? Thought so. Take a look through this gallery of curtains, blinds and shutters to find out the best way to frame that pane.

curtains with grey wall and sofa with cushion

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1. 3-D fabrics

Who said curtains should lie flat? Certainly not us. Tiered linen curtains bring texture and depth to this pale green living room, with the large scale of the frills making the room seem spacious and uncomplicated.

curtains with grey wall and sofa with cushion

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2. Lace panels

Your usual nets these are not - drape beautiful pieces of lace over your windows for an elegant alternative to curtains. These panels add to the fairy-tale feel of this unusual modern living room as their shadows decorate the floor.

white walls wooden flooring with curtains

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3. Tropical print

Live in summer all year round with a happy, tropical print curtain. The palm-leaf repeat of Pierre Fray's Mauritius linen brings a blast of sun to this colourful living room, pulling the colour-pop brights together for the most contemporary of jungle-themed rooms.

white window with red curtain and wooden clock

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4. DIY curtains

Not so good with the sewing machine? Why not pick a beautiful piece of fabric and hang it washing-line style in front of your windows - instant privacy and you can change the material in seconds for a super-quick style update.

chandelier with curtains and sofa set with cushions

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5. Warming curtains

Got a lot of window space? Fill it with full, heavy material that will hang beautifully, like these pale green curtains. The height and inward curve of this large bay window mean that the curtains can be split into four, creating an almost pillar-like effect in this modern but grand living room.

white walls with curtains and bed with books

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6. Coordinating material

If you've fallen for a particular fabric, get matching textiles made like the throw and blind in this white bedroom. This abstract Svenskt Tenn botanical print turns a plain white space into a celebration of colour and shape.

curtains with white walls and carpet on flooring

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7. Sheer fabrics

A delicate, sheer curtain is a clever way to dress your windows and still let light and air flow into the room. This see-through blue and white printed material will guard your privacy in the chicest of ways. And just imagine it fluttering in the breeze...

wooden window with wooden flooring and dinning table with chairs

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8. Coloured shutters

Can't decide on a colour? Well, why should you? The shades of blues and greens swimming through these otherwise traditional wooden shutters create a calm and utterly cool atmosphere around this dining table and striking modern chairs.

white walls with carpet on flooring and table with chair

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9. Colour-pop blinds

Plain white blinds? No thanks. Inject a burst of brightness into your Venetians with a customised pop of colour. The dashes of red running throughout this otherwise white study bring life and personality to the space.