Bathroom window dressing ideas – 10 top treatments for trend-led bathrooms

Master the art of dressing your bathroom windows to impress

yellow bathroom with freestanding bath and flouncy blinds, an armchair and white loo
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The best bathroom window dressing ideas balance style with functionality. In short, a good bathroom window treatment needs to pull its weight on the decorative front, stand up to moisture-heavy environments and conceal your private bits from peeping Toms!

On a practical level, you should prioritise moisture resistance, modesty protection, easy maintenance and flexible daylight control. In a south-facing bathroom you should also look for window dressings made from UV resistant materials that won’t fade, and in colder bathrooms you may benefit from those offering thermal insulation.  

Whether you are leaning towards the elegance of Roman blinds, the timeless charm of plantation shutters, or the delicate aesthetic of sheers, there are plenty of great window dressing options to suit every bathroom. In fact, with so many choices on offer, leaving your bathroom windows naked is a major design crime!

Bathroom window dressing ideas 

Delivering privacy, light control, and a touch of personality, the best-dressed bathroom windows can have transformative powers. Read on for our favourite options to dress your bathroom windows with flair and functionality in mind, complete with expert advice and a few out-there options for the more creative decorator.

1. Add softness with Romans

white bathroom with plants on a wooden shelf and roman blinds

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Roman blinds are an increasingly popular way to dress bathroom windows. Offering an elegant and luxurious look that’s more sumptuous compared to roller blinds, Roman blinds can help bathrooms shake off a cold, clinical atmosphere. 

‘Roman blinds are a great way to bring in softness while maintaining privacy and light control. They fold up nicely, adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom but bear in mind they’re better for larger, well-ventilated bathrooms – or cloakrooms,’ says Victoria Robinson, product manager at Hillarys

In small bathrooms, particular shower rooms, moisture can linger in the deep folds of a Roman blind and eventually lead to mould damage. Always choose moisture-resistant fabric and ensure proper ventilation to maintain your Roman blinds’ longevity. 

Victoria Robinson portrait
Victoria Robinson

Victoria Robinson is a product manager at Hillarys, specialising in Roman blinds and curtains. She joined the company in 2013 and is passionate about interior design trends, regularly visiting both trade and designer shows to keep updated.

2. Keep it classic with shutters

blue bathroom with plantation shutters and bath

(Image credit: Hillarys)

Plantation-style shutters are a timeless classic that offer design interest without cluttering bathroom windows. Their wide louvers allow precise control over light and privacy levels, and they’re easy, if a little time consuming, to keep clean. 

Hillarys’ product manager Victoria recommends choosing plantation shutters specifically designed for bathroom use, such as those made from vinyl and PVC composites rather than painted wood. 

‘Vinyl shutters are superstars in bathrooms. They’re water-resistant, easy to clean, and come in all sorts of styles to complement your taste. They provide excellent privacy and hold up amazingly well against moisture, so you won't have to worry about them getting splashed with water. They're a great choice for a bathroom that needs a touch of sophistication,’ she explains.

3. Add a splash of colour

blue and white bathroom with yellow folding screen at the window

(Image credit: Studio Peake/Alexander James)

Use your window treatment to provide a pop of colour and shapeliness. A folding screen painted in Farrow & Ball’s joyful Babouche highlights the soft curves of the bath and provides a splash of colour in this project by Studio Peake

‘We wanted something that really drew the eye to the bath as soon as you walked in,’ recalls founder and creative director, Sarah Peake. ‘The bright yellow is in a high-gloss lacquer that’s low maintenance and really stands out, but is also subtly picked up in various places, like the laundry bin.’

Sarah Peake
Sarah Peake

Studio Peake is a London-based interior design studio led by founder and creative director Sarah Peake. Trained at the Interior Design School, Sarah’s skilful approach to colour and interesting design details brings spaces to life in the most unexpected and imaginative ways.

4. Take it to the floor

period bathroom with roll top bath and chandelier

(Image credit: Always Sunday)

More commonly seen in bedrooms and living rooms, the unexpected use of floor-length curtains in the bathroom can fast track luxury levels, transforming the space into a relaxing retreat with boutique hotel vibes. 

For her own bathroom, Always Sunday’s founder Lexi Wareham-Dart chose thick pinch-pleat curtains to create a cosy environment for soaking in the bath. ‘There’s something luxurious and cocooning about pulling full-length curtains closed and shutting out the world,’ says Lexi. ‘As well as providing privacy, they can also help with the physical warmth in your bathroom, especially if you have large windows that are not double-glazed.’

To achieve a luxurious look, aim for a floor-skimming fit – this is not the room for curtains that pool on the floor – and of course avoid going full-length on windows that are close to any splash zones. 

5. Keep it simple with film

black and white tiled bathroom with colourful window film and black bath

(Image credit: Purlfrost)

Window films work brilliantly in a bathroom, they’re simple to apply and water-resistant, meaning they won’t easily peel if the windows get a little steamy. As they fit directly onto the glass, not around or above the window, they are great for bathrooms with limited natural light.

‘Making a great alternative to blinds, a window film gives you all the privacy without blocking out any of the light,’ agrees Joanna Baumard, co-founder of Purlfrost. ‘Whether a simple frosted design or a decorative print, they can help to add that finishing touch to a bathroom where decorating choices can often be limited.’

Clean the window thoroughly before application to avoid trapping dust and air bubbles, and opt for made-to-measure film to achieve the perfect fit. For best results, apply the film slowly and evenly, using a squeegee or glass scraper to smooth out any bubbles and ensure a flawless finish.

Joanna Baumard portrait
Joanna Baumard

Co-founder of Purlfrost, Joanna previously worked as a set dresser in the TV and film industry, which is where she (and husband and co-founder Emmanuel) discovered frosted window film, which is often used to hide the outside view when filming. From style tips to trends, Joanna inspires the DIY community with her window treatment advice.

6. Filter the light

bathroom with terrazzo floor and white striped bath

(Image credit: Barker Design/Matt Gamble)

Sheer curtains and voiles lend a delicate, airy aesthetic, and are perfect for bathrooms where privacy is less of a concern. Sheers filter light softly, creating a gentle ambiance while maintaining a sense of openness.

‘Here we chose a pretty lace voile by Pearl Lowe. Tinged in pink around the edges for a lovely vintage look, it helps to soften the large window without restricting the light levels,’ explains interior designer Justine Hodgson-Barker from Barker Design

Most sheer fabrics are easy to clean (look for machine washable synthetics) and quick drying so are excellent at withstanding bathroom humidity. Pair with a discreet roller blind for added privacy when needed. If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom that’s not overlooked by other houses or the streets below, you needn’t bother!

7. Go organic with foliage

white bathroom with brown bath, shower curtain and plants everywhere

(Image credit: Future)

For a natural approach to bathroom window dressing ideas, consider using plants and foliage. Hanging or potted plants such as ferns, spider plants, or bamboo can provide both privacy and a touch of greenery, creating a tranquil and spa-like atmosphere. 

Ensure the plants are suitable for the bathroom environment and receive adequate light and moisture. ‘Humidity loving houseplants such as ferns, calathea orchids and peace lilies are ideal as they can absorb vapour through their leaves, which in turn helps to regulate humidity levels and reduce excess moisture in the air,’ adds Dani Turner, from online florist Bunches.

8. Embrace café culture

blue and white bathroom with cafe style shutters

(Image credit: Future)

For a touch of Continental charm consider chic café-style curtains or shutters. These partial-height window treatments cover the lower half of the window, allowing maximum natural light to flood in while protecting your modest from below.

Café shutters and curtains create a bistro-like atmosphere and are particularly suited to bathrooms with an appealing outlook.

‘If you want the option to block out streetlights or bump up the privacy levels by night, add a Roman or roller blind on the upper half and take the opportunity to introduce a bit of colour and pattern,’ adds interior designer Dean Keyworth, founder of Armstrong Keyworth.

Dean Keyworth
Dean Keyworth

Accredited interior designer and author Dean Keyworth founded Armstrong Keyworth in 1997 and has established an impressive reputation for transforming homes across the UK. Dean was elected President of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) in 2006 and, in 2017, received the prestigious BIID Merit award for services to the industry. His first book, The New Country, about bringing city sophistication to rural projects, is a must-read and he’s currently working on his second title.

9. Think outside the box

white marble bathroom with black and white print in window

(Image credit: Future)

When it comes to window dressing ideas for bathrooms, thinking creatively can lead to unique and stylish solutions. Consider unconventional approaches such as propping up a framed photo or artwork strategically to provide partial coverage and maintain privacy while still allowing natural light to filter through. 

‘The bathroom is not the place for original or limited-edition artworks – inexpensive prints are the way forwards! Acrylic is recommended over regular glass, and coated metal frames are more resilient than wood,' advises interior designer Dean. 'You can also buy sealed frames that screw closed to help protect from moisture damage.'

Tall vases filled with lush greenery or decorative branches can also be placed strategically to obscure the view from outside. By thinking outside the box and incorporating decorative elements in unexpected ways, you can personalise your bathroom window dressing to reflect your personality while ensuring functionality and privacy.

10. Reconsider roller blinds

bathroom with dark brown fittings and green tiles

(Image credit: Victorian Plumbing)

While a cheap, rickety roller blind will do nothing to enhance the style levels in your bathroom, invest in a good quality roller blind and you will reap the rewards. One big advantage is roller blinds roll up very tight so the impact on your window – and the light it will let through – is minimal.

Roller blinds are also a great bathroom window treatment idea if you want to introduce a strong pattern hit. Unlike curtains and Romans, the surface of the blind lies flat when extended, so you get to enjoy a panel of uninterrupted pattern. Roller blinds designed for bathroom use are generally wipe-clean and mildew resistant, too.

‘You can elevate a roller blind very simply by adding a pelmet that it tucks up inside when not in use, effectively concealing the working mechanisms and providing a neat finish,’ adds interior designer Dean. 


How can I cover my bathroom window without curtains?

Blinds are the way forward if you don’t like curtains. From vertical blinds and venetians to roller blinds and thermal blinds, there’s a design and style of blind to suit most apertures. 

Hannah Saunders from Victorian Plumbing is particularly fond of sheer blinds as a curtain alternative. ‘They are perfect for creating soft, diffused light while protecting one’s modesty, and can be layered with thicker blinds to block light out at night-time,’ she says. 

If you don’t want anything at all around your windows but still require an element of privacy, window film is the best solution as it fits directly to the glass. 

What is the best thing to put on a bathroom window?

Any window treatment that has moisture and mildew resistant properties is fair game for your bathroom. Once you’ve checked for bathroom suitability, the window dressing world is your oyster. 

Victoria Robinson from Hillarys advocates a layered approach when tackling bathroom windows. ‘For me, it’s all about creating a calming, feminine atmosphere, so I love the combination of café-style shutters and a Roman blind,’ she says. ‘The shutters on the lower half provide privacy and the Roman above adds a decorative flourish, tying the whole look together.’

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