Tiny homes with big ideas

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  • Got a small space? From practical storage to mirrors, there are plenty of ways to maximise light and space in your tiny home. Here's a few ideas that have inspired us

    Not sure how to make the most of your space? Living in a compact home can be a challenge, take a look at how these savvy homeowners managed to make the most of every square inch. You’ll love these super simple, but highly effective ideas.

    1. Mirror magic
    This is a simple ideas that works every time. Mirrors bouce light around the room making a small space look bigger. The owner of this 1980s detached house transformed her hallway with a pretty collection of vintage mirrors.

    2. Ditch the curtains
    A beautiful pair of curtains can look stunning but, depending on how bulky they are they can block out light and even limit wall space. If you’re really tight on square footage go for blinds instead, they’ll make all the difference. Morag, the owner of this small flat in Edinburgh went for a simple roller blind which maximises space in her narrow bedroom.

    3. Double duty
    Think smart and go for furniture or building solutions with a dual purpose. The owner of this one bedroomed flat in Brighton had a clever idea when installing shelving in their kitchen. She added a shelf at worktop level and uses it as a breakfast bar. Genius!

    4. Colour Class
    Small spaces tend to look more calming if they are painted in a lighter shade. It doesn’t have to be white on white, though. Here, the owners of this small terraced house in Somerset decided to go for a greyish blue tone which has a wonderfully calming feel.

    5. Storage
    Think about clever storage solutions. Here, the owners of this family home decided to make best use of space by placing baskets full of toys and stationery on top of a high shelving unit to free up the floor below.

    6. Window seat

    Window seats maximise the functionality of small or awkward spaces. The owner of this end of terrace home in Essex made a feature of her square bay window area by turning the space below into a window seat.

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