From avocado bathrooms to woodchip wallpaper – discover the top 10 property turn-offs for buyers

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  • What's your biggest house hunting bugbear?

    House hunting is a pretty bizarre experience at the best of times.

    Viewings can be heart-soaringly exciting and hope-dashingly bleak in the blink of an eye.

    But what’s the worst thing you can come across in a potential new home?

    Avocado bathrooms, according to a new survey.

    Barclays Mortgages polled 2,000 house hunters about their viewing experiences in a quest to find the most off-putting design feature.

    While matching green tubs and toilets topped the list, there are several other horrors us Brits just can’t get on board with.

    A close second and third to that avocado dream suite is woodchip wallpaper (impossible to remove. IMPOSSIBLE) and stone cladding.

    Flocked wallpaper and everyone’s favourite 1970s throwback, Artex ceilings, came in fourth and fifth, and, my personal bugbear, carpet in the bathroom (sersiouly, just buy a large bath mat) was sixth.

    Here’s the list in all its glory. But of course all this is subjective – do you agree with the top 10 or have you got something even more horrendous to add?

    1. Avocado-coloured bathroom

    2. Woodchip wallpaper

    3. Stone cladding

    4. Flocked wallpaper

    5. Artex ceilings

    6. Carpets in bathrooms

    7. Pebbledash

    8. Strip lighting

    9. Linoleum

    10. Synthetic wood

    What’s the worst property viewing experience you’ve ever had? Mine was a group viewing of around 20 people charging around a house with a severe damp problem in south London (while the current renters watched the football in their PJs).

    And it had carpert in the bathroom.

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