6 ways to get a hot outdoor look in your home

With autumn fast approaching, don’t lose your favourite summer spots; why not bring your favourite outdoor looks in? Outdoor furniture can work just as well – if not better – indoors, playfully merging your most stylish spaces.

1. Experiment with exposed brick

Nothing gives an indoor space an outdoor feel more than exposed brick walls. This pared-back look is undeniably modern, and brings a rustic charm to any space. Paired with colourful patterns and a mix of materials, this eye-catching living room knows style down to a T.

2. Don’t forget the details

They say the devil’s in the details, so don’t neglect them!
As well as the obvious plants in vases – which always add interest and give any space a homely feel – experiment with other outdoor-inspired pieces. These small grassy accessories bring a playful edge to this dark-wood console table.

3. Be inventive

Plants aren’t just meant for mantelpieces and windowsills, get creative and find new ways to incorporate a little greenery into your home.
This block-colour chest of drawers is already making a statement, but the addition of in-drawer plants makes this quite the hallway feature.

4. Play with materials

This metal wire-framed four-poster bed is just the thing to bring a modern outdoor edge into your home. Its birdcage shape and iron material gives it an interesting elegance with a nod to the outdoors, while the floral bedding adds a fun splash of colour.

5. Rethink your room divides

Forget walls! Embrace the outdoor breeze with open space between rooms. Not only will this give your home a cool warehouse look, but it’s the perfect opportunity to show off beautiful fabrics as hanging dividers.

6. Go all out

Why not really transform your home into an indoor-outdoor heaven? Play with greens, wood and outdoor materials for a unique look, and experiment mixing plants with indoor accessories to add depth to your space.

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