We talk trends with...Paula Taylor of Graham & Brown

In our new series, we talk to our favourite experts about their trend predictions and styles. Here we meet stylist Paula Taylor of Graham & Brown

livig room with wallpaper and grey sofa

(Image credit: Graham & Brown)

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1. Which trend would you like to see the back of – and why?

This year we saw a micro trend of handcrafted knitted and crochet elements that when done badly looked really old fashioned – not in a kitsch way – just very granny like! I would definitely like to see the back of that as that could lead to a whole heap of doily imagery – the thought makes me shudder!

2. Which key trends should we be looking out for this year?

The geometric and mineral trends are the biggest for us this year.

living room with blue textured wallpaper and grey armchair

(Image credit: Graham & Brown)

3. What are your bestsellers?

At the moment classical damasks and scrolls in soft pastel and neutral tones are still working well but then on the flip side geometrics with textured inlays. Our wallpaper of the year - Rose Gold Reflections is also selling well.

4. How can we get our garden summer ready?

You can revamp your garden furniture by buying new chair cushions and try your best to match your interior to them.

5. Can you share your top design tips?

Always consider the room as a whole and what mood you want to create in there – select a simple colour scheme for the larger items and accessories with pops of colour to change the look.

bedroom with wallpaper and pillows

(Image credit: Graham & Brown)

6. Are there any particular colours/materials we should be keeping an eye on?

Rose gold is still massive for this year – but we are seeing white gold to be the next metallic trend.

7. How do you decide which products to sell at Graham & Brown?

We try to make sure we have a breadth of design and colour choice with styles that people are comfortable with. Then we add a little sizzle to the mix by trying out more trendier options.

8. What’s the most common decorating mistake you see?

Hanging wallpaper upside down! You see it on TV shows all the time!

room wallpaper with white drawer and potted plants

(Image credit: Graham & Brown)

9. What interiors objects should we be currently lusting over?

Anything copper or rose gold! I love the geometric copper pendant light we have and the storage trunks – I love storage!

10. Finally, what trends do you see emerging in the future?

Following on from the catwalk trend of big florals we are seeing the reinvention of the wallpaper floral, also the soft origami look is very big for next year.

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