Decoupage is making a comeback – the simple way to give old homeware a bespoke look

Get crafty – update your furniture and home decor with this simple pattern-rich technique

A decoupaged lemon-patterned lamp
(Image credit: Hobbycraft Ideas Hub)

Are you feeling crafty this weekend? Then we’ve got a great project idea for you that costs next to nothing and will put a creative spin on your home decor. It can even be used on pieces of furniture if you dare. We’re of course talking about decoupage. And if you don’t know how to decoupage then you’re in luck because we do. And it couldn’t be easier.

What’s decoupage, you might ask. This easy DIY project is a decorating method of glueing thin, coloured paper cut-outs resulting in a seamless, patterned finish of anything from a lamp to a dresser.

While using a specially designed decoupage paper is certainly an option, our preferred and very cost-effective material are patterned paper napkins. And the content creators on Instagram and TikTok that inspired us to take up decoupage are thinking the same.

How to decoupage

A decoupaged lemon-patterned lamp

(Image credit: Martina Lindblad @hemtillfrum)

Decoupage is an age old technique that is having a bit of resurgence at the minute. It was first brought to our attention by @kenziemariehome on TikTok who’s given a plain thrifted pitcher an elevated chinoiserie look. She later replicated the effect on a piece of ceramic pumpkin decor for Halloween too.


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This is what we call upcycling for beginners! After seeing Kenzie’s efforts, we wanted to find out what else could be done with decoupage and stumbled upon Angel Strawbridge of Escape to the Chateau TV series and her table with a multi-coloured decoupage top that resembles tiling. 

Martina Lindblad (@hemtillfrum), a DIY content creator on Instagram, is also a fan of decoupage and we instantly fell head over heels for her lemon-covered lamp. ‘I love doing decoupage, it’s an easy way to renew old things. I have done a lot of crafting with decoupage. I love lemons and I thought this napkin was nice and I bought the lamp at a flea market,’ she says. 

What you’ll need

Step-by-step guide

Process of decoupage

(Image credit: Hobbycraft Ideas Hub)

As previously mentioned, this is an extremely easy budget decorating idea, which the whole family can get involved in.

Start by separating the thin patterned top layer of the paper napkin from its base as that part is all you’ll be using. 

‘I split the napkin so that I only have the outermost layer,’ Martina says. ‘I cut out the lemons and placed the lemon where I wanted it.’ 

Process of decoupage

(Image credit: Hobbycraft Ideas Hub)

After cutting out the desired shapes, brush some Mod Podge glue on the surface of your chosen item to decorate and stick the napkin shapes on top. ‘The napkin is so thin that the varnish goes through making the napkin stick to the lamp.’

Finally, just brush some more of the glue which also acts as a sealant on top and leave to dry.

And just like that, you’ve updated your home decor beyond recognition. And hopefully had some fun in the process, too.

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