Monty Don reveals the exact date you should be mowing your lawn - and it's coming up very soon

Our favourite gardening guru reveals why it's finally time to dust off the lawn mower

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Any words of wisdom offered by gardening guru Monty Don will make us instantly sit up. We're always keen to take his advice on board, which is why the latest Monty Don mowing lawn tip has us ready to whip out our lawnmowers on 21st June.

Monty is a source of inspiration when it comes to enriching your garden ideas through his expert tips and tricks. Nosing at Monty Don's garden on his socials and blog page has become part of our weekly routine, and if there's a tip that can get our grasses looking as fresh and healthy as his, we're game.

In a recent blog post where Monty outlines the gardening jobs to prioritise in June, he talks about why he waits until 21st June to mow his lawn.

'By June a million gardens are regularly humming - and at times unpleasantly roaring - with the sound of motor- mowers keeping the grass trim and under control', he writes. 'But at Longmeadow we restrict this to paths and try and let as much grass as possible grow long and planted up with spring bulbs and wildflowers.'

If you've already been cutting your grass with one of the best lawnmowers, you're not alone. Many people take the start of spring as a sign that they should be trimming their lawn again, but according to Monty, it's best to leave it alone until 21st June - at the earliest.

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'Nothing should be cut at all until after the longest day on June 21st. This gives the foliage of the bulbs time to die back and feed next year’s bulb and subsequent flowering,' he explains. 'The grass can then be cut if it has been hot and dry although sometimes I leave this as late as mid August.'

Letting your grasses grow naturally and holding off until 21st June to trim them will result in beautiful wildflower garden ideas, which he favours over a perfectly manicured lawn. And if you've already tried your hand at Monty's wisteria tip, you may already be well on your way to creating a garden that rivals his.

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Other gardening experts agree that waiting until 21st June to mow the lawn is a wise choice. 'We're so happy to see Monty talking about leaving the grass long throughout June as well as May - essentially moving No Mow May to "Let it bloom June"!' says Dr Ana Attlee, Co-founder, Seedball.

'Mowing less often, for example twice a year, can recreate a traditional Hay Meadow management system and provide vital sanctuary for insects and wildlife in hotter months.'  

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'By leaving the grass a bit longer until mid-summer, like after June 21st, you create a protective barrier around the flower beds,' Steve Chilton, Garden Expert, LeisureBench expands . 

'Taller grass acts as a natural shield against weeds, shading the soil and reducing weed growth. It also helps to block out strong sunlight and retain moisture in the soil, which can really benefit the flowers in your garden.'

Monty's advice shares his perspective on when to cut grass after winter, and other experts clearly agree that the longer you wait, the better. Will you be dusting off your lawn mower on 21st June?

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