What your garden style says about you

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  • Are you well-pruned terrace or a messy meadow?

    How does your garden grow? All messy, unkempt and out of control or perfectly pruned into well-ordered symmetry? Overflowing with boundless flora or trimmed to minimal perfection?

    Chances are the type of outdoor space you’ve gone for may well be a pretty accurate reflection of the inner workings of your mind. Check out our (un)scientific survey exploring the link between your salvias and your psyche.

    Which kind are you?

    1. Alloment
    You’re one of life’s givers, a nurture-gatherer who believes in the power of mother nature to provide. You are a hands-on type, a mucker-in who’s unafraid of getting your hands dirty. But you’re also very rewards based and we’re not just talking about at your local Fruit and Produce show. You like to get out something for what you put in. Likely to be very generous with your goods.

    2. Urban roof terrace

    You are an urban materialist and a
    hedonist at heart. Not one for pottering about, you demand a personal
    space for relaxing and battery recharging. Strong need to counter
    balance a high-maintenance personality with low-maintenance surround. You may run to a spot of light watering (so therapeutic) but other than that, face it, you probably don’t even own a trowel.

    3. Meadow

    Messy, unkempt, hard to tame, left to your own devices, you run the risk of running riot and growing out of control. More about the bigger picture than the small stuff, for you, life’s too short to waste time edging a bed or landscaping a pond. Your preferred sowing method is to shake up random packets of seeds then cast them into the wind. A true romantic, you like nothing better than running wild and free through a field of cornflowers. Could you be a fan of prog rock by any chance?

    4. Symmetrical

    You have a beautiful mind. Concepts like order, structure and balance mean a lot to you. In your world, everything has a place and everything is in its place. An unrepentant neatnik, your beds are coordinated as your sock drawer. Let’s not say control freak, but we wouldn’t mind betting you’re rather fond of a spreadsheet.

    5. Contempoary

    Unashamedly urban, with a penchant for making bold, some would say brash, style statements, you have a ‘look at me’ personality. A slave to fashion, everything in your world has to follow the latest trend, however ridiculous. Not for you any of that digging and harvesting malarkey. A garden is a stage set, just one more stage room to show off in. And you’ve been watching a lot of TV makeover shows, haven’t you?

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