Colourful garden ideas

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  • Adding a splash of colour is one of the simplest ways to give your garden an instant update. By introducing vibrant tones and broadening your palette beyond trusted neutrals you can lend the impression of brightness and tap into an inviting, summery vibe – even when the sun doesn’t shine. And let’s be honest, the British summer needs all the help it can get.

    Whether you’re interested in creating a scheme – Indian oranges and reds, the zesty blue and lemon of the Cote d’Azur – or just looking for that one key colourful accessory to create a focal point, there’s a number of ways, and a number of products, that will refresh the dullest garden or patio.

    How much you invest in creating your desired look will depend on what overall effect you are reaching for – and how brave you’re feeling. Feature walls needn’t be consigned to the living room and are a striking addition to an outdoor space while also increasing privacy.

    If you wish to add a touch of urban attitude, decorating a wall with a piece of street (garden?) art may have instant appeal. On the subject of contemporary art, quirky sculptures are an excellent choice for those with limited tolerance for the conventional.

    For those less willing to make the leap, a safer way to hit refresh on your outdoor space is through the deployment of coloured fabric. Tropical prints are particularly fashionable right now, but there’s a wealth of options to explore. What’s more, should your tastes change, you can easily switch your fabrics up next year. After all, colourful gardens pose an excellent opportunity to let your creativity run wild and, above all, have some fun.

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