Garden shed ideas – projects and designs for your own special outdoor room

A simple outhouse can be so much more...

This sunny weather has got us ready and raring to dust off our spade and shears and get creative outside. But before we tackle the plants and flowers, the garden shed is first on our list for a revamp.

Even the simplest of outhouses can serve as so much more than just a dumping ground for tools, toys and bikes. Paint it up and dress it right and it can become a home office, a playroom, a cosy snug for relaxing or a gardener’s dream potting shed.

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Another great thing about decorating a shed is that it’s a small, self-contained project that can be completed in a couple of weekends. So if your plans for a perfect home still seem like a pipe dream, turn your attention to a little bit of heaven in your back yard.

Spark your imagination with our garden shed ideas.

1. Turn your shed into a chic sanctuary


Image credit: David Brittain

Forget the ‘Man caves’ – we’re going potty for the ‘She shed’. Find another place to store your tools – or pop them in a classy hamper or trunk that doubles as a coffee table. Then transform the space into your own little haven, away from the kids and the dog and the blare of the TV.

If you’re ambitious, you could even have a sofa in there – though it might be best then to start with a new shed and build it up around the couch! Wallpapering overlapping or shiplap boards isn’t really an option, but you could cover an MDF board with fabric for an individual splash of pattern.

2. Build a shed on stilts as a garden centrepiece


Image credit: Cuprinol

Raising a shed up on stilts is a way to (literally) elevate its status in a garden – and paint it a bright colour so that it won’t be lost in the undergrowth. Simple additions – such as blinds for the windows – will ensure people view it more as a garden room than a dumping ground. Blinds also provide a little extra security if there’s anything of value in there.

3. Experiment with a new decorating style

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

Love a trend, but not quite ready to kit out your whole house in a global fusion/geometrics/velvet luxe look?! Then use your shed as a testing ground. Here, the owners have experimented with a relaxed and chic feel that reflects their love of travelling. Multiple seating options make it a great place to shelter from a summer shower or after dark.

4. Squeeze in a slender mini shed


Image credit: Lizzie Orme

These days, any garden can have a shed thanks to the myriad options, great and small. Kit out a mini shed like this with floor-to-ceiling shelving to make as much space as possible for tools, pots and whatever else you need to make your garden grow.

5. Use your shed as an extra bedroom


Image credit: TI Media

This chic bunk offers a secluded, snug and secure feel for the best night’s sleep for all ages – and the pull-out storage below means your shed can still offer a place to slow garden essentials.

A shed can easily serve as a simple place to snooze for an afternoon – but if you’re considering it as an option as a fully fledged guest room, you will need to think about running power out so it’s possible to keep it warm. 

6. Make your shed work hard as a home office


Image credit: Dan Duchars

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With the number of people working from home at an all-time high, office space has become an essential for many households. Finding somewhere quiet to focus on emails, reports and the like isn’t easy, however, and that’s where your shed can help!

Building a study area at the bottom of the garden has lots of benefits – two being you’re away from the distractions of the rest of the house, and can physically separate your work and home life.

Again, you may need to consider running power to your shed if you don’t have a laptop.

7. Repurpose a shepherd’s hut


Image credit: Polly Eltes

Shepherd’s huts have exploded in popularity in the last decade, so the likelihood of finding an old one is increasingly slender. But you can’t deny they make an exceptional garden feature, and you may decide it’s well worth spending thousands on a new one.

For new huts, try Blackdown Shepherd’s Hut or Plankbridge.

8. Go big and use it as a garden studio


Image credit: Polly Eltes

Go big AND go home with a large shed that can serve as multiple rooms. Perhaps a playroom for the kids and den for the grown ups, or a craft room for you and a workshop for them. To make the structure more solid, tile the roof.

A side room for storage of tools and the lawnmower means you can take a more stylish approach to decoration elsewhere.

9. Double up on sheds for different purposes


Image credit: Colin Poole

Alternatively, if there’s no space for one large shed, install two smaller ones. use one for practical storage and the other as a living area.

10. Pretty up a potting shed


Image credit: Dan Duchars

For purists, a shed is nothing more than a place to store tools and pot plants out of the rain. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty! Peg up pictures of your favourite blooms to inspire you, add a chair with cushions so you can take a break, and opt for a concrete or tiled floor that’s easier to sweep clear of compost.

11. Build it out of bricks


Image credit: Colin Poole

A substantial brick shed will stand its ground against the elements and offers extra security against wannabe thieves. It looks rather beautiful, too.

12. Surprise with a pop of colour inside


Image credit: Cuprinol

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This can be our little secret! The next time you’re staining your shed against the elements, why not have a bit of fun and introduce a pop of colour inside? It will always bring a smile to your face, no matter what you use your shed for!

We look forward to seeing all your glamorous sheds on our Facebook page.

Happy decorating!

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