Ideas for townhouse gardens – 20 of the best

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  • A home with a garden, however small the outdoor space might be, is high on many homeowners or renters’ wish lists for their ideal house or flat. In towns and cities, where green open space is limited, a sizeable garden is even more coveted. With space at a premium in city homes, we demand the same from our outdoor areas as we do of our interiors; namely, even compact gardens must be multi-functional, practical and well-designed for modern life. We’re not just talking about perennial planting, but outdoor furniture, lighting and garden accessories that turn an outdoor space adjacent to a townhouse into a secret garden retreat! Clever ideas for city gardens (and the furniture that fits in them) are out there – and often they’re more inspiring than designs for larger garden spaces, simply because they’re creative by necessity.

    More than just an occasional outdoor space, townhouse gardens can (and sometimes have to) tick a lot of boxes to become an alfresco area with year-round allure. Whether you want your patio or decking to become a more child-friendly play area, or dream of the lawn or artificial grass housing an outdoor zone for entertaining – by making it an extra living room or welcoming dining area – there are plenty of ways to update the walled/ fenced/ rooftop/ balcony garden of a city home to create a secret retreat. Even if space is tight, you can almost certainly install some pretty planters to create a fresh herb garden… or, if you’re lucky, a little inner-city vegetable patch! Can we have it all, you ask? Well we have a few clever garden ideas, ideally suited to today’s city homes, to inspire you to make your outdoor area great…

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