How to cover a coat hanger

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    Stitching on the cover

    Step 5: Wrong sides facing, stitch the first pair of fabric pieces all round bar the central edge taking a 2.5cm seam. Clip into the seam allowance around the curved edges and turn through. Repeat to stitch the second pair of fabric pieces.

    Step 6: Pull each half of the fabric cover on to the padded hanger, gently working the fabric as you go to ensure a smooth fit. When you get to the centre, turn under the raw edges to create a neat fit around the hook. Slip stitch the two halves of the cover together all round, keeping the stitching as small and neat as possible.

    Step 7: Wrap the ribbon around the base of the hook and tie so that if falls over the slip stitched seam. Thread a decorative button on to the ribbon to finish.


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