A flat packed Chesterfield sofa? Yes, really

The latest innovation means that even tiny homes can enjoy this classic piece of furniture

Swyft Chesterfield sofa in leather, in a living room with a lamp, rug, and a brown wall behind
(Image credit: Swyft)

Chesterfield sofas are the definition of a classic piece of furniture - with their iconic, luxe upholstery and their chic, timeless style, it's one sofa style that will likely never go out of date.

Many years ago, Chesterfield sofas were the preserve of the wealthy, sat exclusively in manor homes and country houses. But now, almost all sofa and furniture brands have their own version of a Chesterfield, making them much more accessible than they were previously.

And, if you’ve always desired a Chesterfield, but have been worried about fitting one into your space, Swyft (who sell some of the best sofas around) have just launched their very own flat pack version - which they say is the first flat pack Chesterfield in the UK.

The UK's first flat packed Chesterfield sofa

Swyft - who are famous for their 'sofas-in-a-box' - have recently launched the Model 09, which is their flat pack version of a Chesterfield sofa.

The sofa, which is available as a three-seater, two-seater, and armchair, is strikingly similar to a classic Chesterfield, with the signature button detailing, rolled arm shape, and arms and back at the same height. But unlike almost all other Chesterfield sofas in the UK, it's flat packed, meaning it can be delivered in parts and assembled in the exact spot you want it.

'In the UK, Swyft's is the first flat pack Chesterfield to hit the market,' Kelly Collins, interior designer and Creative Lead at Swyft, explained. So why hasn't anyone else created a flat pack Chesterfield before now?

'This is likely due to how difficult it is to create a flat pack version,' explains Kelly. 'Chesterfields are large, heavy pieces, and the grandeur of the sofa is mainly due to skillset required to upholster them. As such, the fact that we can now create it as flat pack version is amazing.'

Swyft Chesterfield sofa in grey in a living room with a blue wall and frames on the wall

(Image credit: Swyft)

The Model 09 sofa is available in a huge range of colours, too. You can opt for a forest green, an ivory white, a 'harissa' red, or a stylish stone grey, among others. ;Consumers can also now choose to upholster their Chesterfield in our faux leathers, cotton, linen, bouclé, eco velvet and more,' notes Kelly.

The new flat pack Chesterfield measures in at W 220 cm, H 76 cm, D 88 cm, making it a great mid-size sofa. 

And of course, the major appeal of a flat pack sofa is the fact that it will fit neatly into almost any room without a problem, and can be manoeuvered around any awkward or tight spaces. 'This means that you can now get a Chesterfield into a small room that might not have been possible in the past. This is especially ideal for basement flats, with narrow staircases and doorways.'

The fact that Swyft’s Model 09 is flat pack also means that it can be built (and disassembled) super easily. As such, it’s a potentially great solution for renters who may be on the move more often. In fact, this new model could be one of the best living room sofa ideas for renters.

Swyft Model 09 Chesterfield sofa in Sage green

(Image credit: Swyft)

Not only that, but Swyft's flat pack Chesterfield-style sofa is a more affordable option, given its simpler construction.

'The Swyft Chesterfield is a much more affordable option compared with the wider market,' says Kelly. 'Chesterfields are notoriously expensive sofas, because of the time and skills it normally requires to upholster them,.'

That said, the three-seater sofa retails from £1,995, up to £2,195 for more popular colourways, so it's not exactly cheap – and it's not a dissimilar price to non-flat pack Chesterfields from the likes of The Cotswold Company and Furniture Village (though sofa deals can help).

However, we reckon its main draw is its manoeuvrability, and the fact that Swyft's version is a chance to have a classic piece of furniture in your home without worrying about whether it'll actually fit into your space.


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