This mum of two brought her dream Pinterest bedroom moodboard to life

It went from plain grey to a serene green sleep space

green bedroom with floral wallpaper
(Image credit: / Danielle Love)

Planning a room makeover can be a therapeutic process, whether you're looking for calm bedroom ideas or want to include one of the new wallpaper trends for 2023. However, if that's as far as you get – saving inspirational images and envisaging your ideal room – you may want to take a leaf out of this homeowner's book. 

Not only did this mum of two cut costs and turn her dream scheme into reality, but she also learnt some new DIY skills along the way.

Tranquil bedroom makeover

Danielle Love from Preesall, Lancashire, had wanted a green bedroom for quite some time, but had put off doing her own room as there were always other rooms in the house that needed work. 

‘I'd been looking on Pinterest and had seen a few different items I liked,' she told money-saving community 'I gravitated towards green, and I have a light grey bed. That was the colour scheme I ended up working with, and I based the project on this palette with the aim of creating a calming vibe.'


before shot with grey carpet

(Image credit: / Danielle Love)

Grey walls and grey carpet had lasted Danielle well, but she was keen to create a more serene look by introducing some restful greens along with botanical pattern.


green bedroom with floral wallpaper

(Image credit: / Danielle Love)

The new-look bedroom is a beautiful botanical haven for the busy mum to retreat to, with a statement mural and deep green bedding – but how did Danielle manage to keep costs down?

‘The biggest piece I bought for the project was a mural called Foggy Nature from a site called Bimago,' she says. 'It cost me about £100 and I wanted it to cover the entire wall behind my bed. The pattern features the same tones of green that I wanted to apply to my walls and decor. 

'The flowers and leaves cascade down the wall and create a lovely relaxing ambience,' she continues. 'The best bit is that you can get the mural in many different sizes, so those on tighter budgets wanting a smaller mural can pay as little as £20.'

Green bedroom with white chest of drawers

(Image credit: / Danielle Love)

Danielle even had a go at doing some of the decorating herself. ‘It would have cost over £100 to get a painter in to do the job professionally,' she says, 'and since I love doing DIY, paying someone seemed silly. Painting the green walls was the most time-consuming part of the project as it took about three coats, but I’ve had plenty of compliments from people when they see the finished result.'

'The paint was mixed from B&Q’s own range and the shade is called Sea Turtle. I got three tubs for the price of two thanks to a special offer, so the final price worked out at about £26 for a five-litre tub.'

When it came to putting the mural up, Danielle entrusted the process to someone else. 'My mum’s partner completed this step because I didn’t want to mess it up,' she says. 'It was pretty straightforward as it came numbered – it almost got put up upside down, but we got there in the end.  I think that was the only challenge we faced, really – which way the paper goes up!'

bed with green floral cushion

(Image credit: / Danielle Love)

The green bedding came from Dunelm, while the cushions were from B&M Stores and cost just £10 each, and the bedside cabinets were a bargain £37.50 each from Amazon.

‘After that, it was just finishing touches, which is the fun part,' says Danielle. 'I'm so pleased with how the project has turned out. I’m just waiting on some wall art now to finish it off.' 

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