A bold colour choice completely transformed this tiny hallway into a stunning entryway

It's even been painted in sunny yellow for a hit of dopamine every time its owner walks through the door

hallway with yellow wall and hooks for coat
(Image credit: Ruggable / Theodora Melnik)

Small hallways can pack a serious wow factor as this tiny sunshine-yellow hallway makeover shows.  

It's a small hallway idea, but it's packed full of personality, which is important regardless of whether your hall is lovely and roomy or a small, compact space. After all, a hallway should not only be functional, but easy on the eye too – and more than simply a dumping ground for hats and coats. 

Yellow hallway makeover

Belonging to content creator and interior consultant Theodora Melnik (known as Theo), the hallway had gone through several changes prior to its latest refresh. 

'Our hallway used to be the loveliest shade of terracotta, but my partner felt it was too dark, so I painted the room white over Christmas,' says Theo, who rents a flat in Berlin with her partner and two cats.

Realising white wasn't the colour for her, she was eager to change it, with a few other additions along the way.


hallway shelves with mirror and lamp

(Image credit: Ruggable / Theodora Melnik)

Having painted the small space white, Theo knew it was going to need redecorating again. 'White was too boring for me,' she says, 'so my partner and I compromised on yellow.'

Along with the white walls, the cluttered shelving area was also removed. Ready to see the results?


hallway with yellow wall and hooks for coat

(Image credit: Ruggable / Theodora Melnik)

The new sunny shade has helped warm up the space and given it a bright burst of energy that's the perfect spot for welcoming the couple home each day. 'I knew I couldn't go too dark, but I also knew I wanted a bold colour, which is why I decided on this beautiful yellow,' Theo explains.

hallway with bike and storage

(Image credit: Ruggable / Theodora Melnik)

The walls weren't the only thing to get a revamp, with the couple having cupboards made to fit the space perfectly. Speaking to home brand Ruggable, Theo says: 'The hallway is quite small, so it was important to find furniture that would fit perfectly while giving us the most storage space,' says Theo. 'It's important to figure out the priorities for a space before going into the planning stages. That way, you make sure your space isn't just beautiful but also functional.'

On top of one of the cupboards sits a large mirror, which not only makes the space appear bigger but also enhances the overall appearance of the area.

'A beautiful rug is all that's missing now,' Theo muses. 'I love coming home and being greeted by this entry, which was what I always imagined but never thought I'd be able to have in my small hallway.'

room with book shelves and gallery wall with art and mirrors

(Image credit: Ruggable / Theodora Melnik)

Describing her interior style as maximalist and eclectic, Theo has filled the flat with beautiful and inspiring items… something you can see wherever you look, including the bedroom, which leads onto the hallway.  

'I like to add personal touches to each room and even when I choose modern furnishings, I like to balance it out with some more vintage pieces so that every individual room looks cohesive, but also the entire flat,' she says. 

'I think the hallway sets the stage for all the other spaces – you never get a second chance at a first impression,' Theo continues. 'What I like about the result is it's a nice blend of old and new. Personally, I'd invite anyone to play around with their spaces – the interior is supposed to be fun, and you'll know when it feels right!'

You can see more of Theo's home over on Instagram here.

Laurie Davidson

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