This kitchen-lounge is a masterclass in creating a small multi-functioning space

The homeowners multipurpose kitchen-lounge has everything they need to cook, dine, socialise and relax

A modern kitchen-lounge with pink wall paint, trio of white pendant light fixtures and wooden island, built-in white cabinetry and oven appliance
(Image credit: Future PLC / Malcolm Menzies)

Creating a chic kitchen-lounge seemed nearly impossible in this three-bedroom, terraced South London house. When the owners bought the property, it had a tiny, old cook space with a bedroom beyond; an impractical configuration for their living needs. But, with just over £32,000 to spend, they transformed their tiny kitchen into a cool and contemporary, multifunctional space.

Before the kitchen-lounge transformation

A small kitchen with white gloss cabinetry, 4-hob cook surface, stainless steel kitchen sink, and bottle of Fairy washing-up liquid

(Image credit: Future PLC / Malcolm Menzies)

The kitchen was cramped, outdated and completely unsuited to the way the owners wanted to live.


A modern kitchen-lounge with pink wall paint, trio of white pendant light fixtures and wooden island, built-in white cabinetry and oven appliance

(Image credit: Future PLC / Malcolm Menzies)

‘We both love food and wanted a big kitchen-living room to cook, entertain and relax in. We envisaged dining and seating areas, high-spec appliances, and an island where we could cook and look out at the garden. We knocked the bedroom and kitchen together, then extended sideways and into the garden,' begins the owner.

'After doing lots of research, we found Pluck, and fell for its modern kitchen furniture. The kitchen island is the central piece and the design evolved around it. We chose a double oven and an induction hob with an integrated extractor.'

Get the look: London Plane veneer birch plywood cabinetry, £790 for a 600mm base unit, Pluck. Conway bar stools, £69 each, Cult Furniture.

A modern kitchen with light wood kitchen island, pendant light fixtures and skylight

(Image credit: Future PLC / Malcolm Menzies)

Get the look: Half Moon White laminated birch plywood cabinetry, £620 for a 600mm base unit, Pluck. Tala Knuckle pendant lights with Enno bulbs, £128 each, Heal’s.

'When we saw how bright the room was going to be, we changed the kitchen cabinetry from dark blue to off-white. ‘The building work, which included other rooms, took six months, with the kitchen extension costing around £80,000.'

'The kitchen installation cost around £2,500 and was done in a week. It was all finished just before lockdown, so when working from home we felt very fortunate. Now we’ve got everything we need in one fabulous space.’

‘We were keen on having a breakfast bar but didn’t want seating blocking the garden view. This island design maximises storage and still fits two stools.’

A modern kitchen with stainless steel fridge, built-in oven and microwave appliances and sleek finger pull handled cabinetry

(Image credit: Future PLC / Malcolm Menzies)

Get the look: Neff combination microwave, £878; Neff single oven, £708, both John Lewis & Partners

‘We wanted a flexible living space so it was important for all the elements to blend easily. Pluck’s white and wood furniture was a great choice, as it makes a design statement without dominating the room,’ she explains.

'We designed this room ourselves, so we’re really proud of it – it’s given us the freedom to do the things we enjoy. We sourced every item and it got super stressful keeping track of it all. If we did it again, I’d plan down to the absolute last detail before starting.'

A white kitchen basin with matte- black tap, and wooden shelf with assorted ceramicware including bowls and cafetiere on display

(Image credit: Future PLC / Malcolm Menzies)

Skylights bring natural light onto prep and cooking areas. While, wood detail finger pulls link the island and wall cabinetry.

‘We love to experiment with recipes, so we included lots of oven space with flexible cooking options.’ the owner tells us. 

The space features bold black accents. 'Hits of black sharpen the overall scheme,' explains the owner.

A contemporary kitchen-diner-living space with wooden dining table and Crittal-style black-framed doors looking out onto back garden

(Image credit: Future PLC / Malcolm Menzies)

Steel-framed doors maximise the light and the view of the outdoor space.

'Our garden is surrounded by greenery and we wanted to embrace that view and draw it into the room.’ she tells us.

Get the look: Bespoke steel doors, £9,800, Fabco. Ebbe Gehl Mira dining table, £799, John Lewis & Partners. Wishbone chairs, £129 each, By Kallevig.

Focus on vented hobs

A contemporary cookspace with large lidded metal saucepan, vented hob and black framed wall art decor

(Image credit: Future PLC / Malcolm Menzies)

Create a minimal look in your kitchen with a space-saving and practical vented induction hob.

  • Vented hobs combine an induction cooking surface with a built-in downdraught extractor. Perfect for small kitchens and minimal designs alike, they give flexibility to any kitchen layout. They are often the most practical option when it comes to freestanding islands, as they avoid the need for a chimney hood coming down from the middle of the ceiling.
  • Apart from being more visually appealing, they are also more efficient. Vented hobs draw out steam at cooking level, allowing less condensation and cooking smells to escape. Plus they are generally quieter than standard extractor fans, so they make the ideal addition to an open-plan or sociable space.
  • Worried about the price? Although more expensive than a standard induction hob, the cost is comparable when there’s no need to buy a cooker hood as well.
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