Hay fever ruining your sleep? This kitchen utensil might just be the answer

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If you're a hay fever sufferer, you've likely exhausted most methods to cure your symptoms, but have you tried taking a look in your kitchen? 

The simple tong is a utensil you're unlikely to have given a second thought. It probably lives in a pot on your counter or if you've taken inspiration from the best kitchen storage ideas, in a dedicated cutlery drawer. It's unassuming and seemingly obvious with its use case, but it could be the secret cleaning hack that alleviates your hay fever struggles. 

With the Met Office warning of a 'pollen bomb' hitting the UK this weekend, those with hay fever are likely heading straight out to the pharmacy, and rapidly searching for at-home remedies. After all, the effects of a pollen allergy can be hard to handle, especially on warm nights where leaving windows open leads to restless sleep. 

And then waking up to suffer all over again? It's enough to make anyone weep, both literally and figuratively. If you've been on the lookout for bedroom design tips for better sleep to combat the summer months, what you might actually need is an updated cleaning routine to rid your room of pollen. So, armed with your tongs, get started on learning just how to use them to clean your blinds. 

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How do tongs help to alleviate hay fever symptoms?

Mira Yordanova, owner of Top Cleaning GB, along with sleep experts at MattressOnline, recommend using tongs to clean the grooves of blinds, where pollen tends to enter the window and stick to.

The shape of the tongs means that you can clean both the top and bottom of each slat at the same time, with a simple swipe along. With the design originally focussed around cooking, you'll also be able to get a good grip on the handle, so no pollen is left behind. 

We're all for doubling up the use of household tools, and a cleaning hack is even better when you don't need to buy an additional product. All you will need are the tongs and two microfiber cloths to wrap around the ends, or even sponges like this Tiktok recommends. 


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How to use tongs to clean blinds

Whether you're cleaning the blinds in your bedroom or even figuring out how to clean your living room to help with hay fever, this hack could be a convenient quick fix. 

Mira says, 'Pollen can deposit on the blinds in your bedroom, as they stand so close to the windows. Grab a pair of tongs, wrap them in a damp microfiber cloth sprayed with cleaning product and secure it in place with elastic bands or clips.'

'Next, grip the blinds lightly and slide the tongs down, to clean both sides of the blinds at once, making your dusting process less time-consuming and 100% efficient'.

Whether you're opting to use a microfiber cloth or a sponge, it's best to try 'damp dusting' when it comes to removing pollen. 'The dry cloth will allow the pollen to float around the bedroom and deposit somewhere else. Instead, if you're using a damp cloth, the pollen will stick to it, and you will have truly got rid of it for good', recommends Mira. 

If the cleaning bug has got you, it's a good idea to also brush up on how to clean a mattress to ensure that your sleeping space is as sanitary as possible ready for a peaceful night's rest. 

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