How to clean VELUX windows - get your roof windows gleaming

Clean your VELUX windows until they shine with our easy step-by-step

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VELUX windows are a great way to let natural light flood loft and attic rooms, but their caveat is that they're notoriously difficult to clean. If your roof windows have been neglected and they've reached a level of grubbiness that can't be ignored, it's time to learn how to clean VELUX windows properly.

Skylights and rooflights like the windows designed by VELUX aren't just for the attic. They're an ideal addition to small kitchen ideas, as they maximise the amount of natural light that fills the room. But if they aren't clean, they'll only be able to do this job half as well, which is where learning how to clean VELUX windows comes in.

'Naturally over time roof and conservatory roof windows can become dirty due to airborne dust, birds flying by, and bugs taking refuge, so keeping them clean is crucial to ensuring that they continue to function as they should', says Rachael Munby, Group Marketing Director, Anglian Home Improvements.

To avoid your VELUX windows being completely ruined by the sight of bird droppings, we've asked the experts how to clean VELUX windows. Our step-by-step guide will get your roof windows gleaming again in no time.

How to clean VELUX windows

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Aside from allowing natural light to flood the room, VELUX windows are great because they're designed to rotate 180º for easy front and back cleaning. Before you get cracking with how to clean VELUX windows, double check the brand of your rooftop window - if it isn't VELUX, it might not be able to rotate the whole way around, in which case you don't want to push it too far and risk breaking it.

What you'll need

  • Stool/ step
  • Bucket
  • Microfibre cloths 
  • Washing up liquid
  • Squeegee

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1. Remove debris

The first step to take when learning how to clean VELUX windows is to open the window wide, and stand on a stool - make sure it's sturdy rather than wobbly - to reach outside. Remove fallen leaves and other debris with your hands. 

Check the flashing (the aluminum sections protecting the roof and skylight), as this is where dirt usually collects.

2. Rotate the outside in

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In order to clean the outer pane of your window, rotate it so its on the inside. Fix the window into this position with the sliding bolts at the bottom. 

3. Remove and clean the air filter

Next, remove the air filter from the filter rail and clean this with soapy water and a clean cloth. If your filter is looking really worn and it's beyond cleaning, it's best to replace this with a new one. They can be purchased directly from VELUX as part of their maintenance kits.

4. Clean the hinges

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'It’s important to keep casement window hinges clear of dust and debris to reduce wear and tear on sliding parts', says Rachael Munby, Anglian Home Improvements

Wipe the hinges of your VELUX windows with a cloth. No need to use water here - just work the cloth to remove any dirt and keep them free of potential blockages.

5. Clean the window pane

Clean the window pane with a soft, lint-free cloth or non-abrasive sponge. Fill a bucket with warm water, and if your windows are particularly grubby, add a little washing up liquid. 

Go back in with a fresh cloth and clean water to remove the dirty suds.

6. Finish with a squeegee for best results

Attic bedroom with skylights in roof and small gallery wall area

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To remove remaining water and ensure a streak-free finish, use a squeegee like the MR.SIGA Multi-Purpose Squeegee, £8.99 at Amazon. Run the squeegee (make sure it's completely clean) down the pane from top to bottom.

7. Repeat on reverse side

Spin the VELUX window round to its original position and repeat the process above on the inside window pane.

'Use a damp microfibre cloth and wipe in an S shape', advises Sarah Dempsey, Cleaning Expert, MyJobQuote. 'This will stop any drips in their path. Use your squeegee to remove any excess water and prevent streaks.'

8. Clean the frame and handle

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To finish off and to give your VELUX windows a gleaming finish, clean the frame and handle with a microfibre cloth. Use either water, or if it's looking a bit dirty, spritz with a white vinegar spray, like the Fabulosa White Vinegar Spray, £1.50 at Wilko

And that's it! You've successfully learnt how to clean VELUX windows until they shine.


How do you clean the outside of a loft window?

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If your loft windows are VELUX, you can rotate them 180º, which makes it really easy to clean the outside pane. The sash should be secured in position by sliding the barrel bolt into the bushing at the bottom of the side frame. This frees up both hands so you can easily clean the window pane without having to hold it in place.

You can clean the outside window pane with warm soapy water and a lint-free cloth, followed by a squeegee to remove the suds with a streak-free finish. Note that it's important to clean all parts of the window, not just the pane.

'To maintain the efficiency of the window trickle vents on your loft window, wipe the vent with a damp cloth and clean the slot with either a vacuum cleaner or brush', says Rachel from Anglian Home Improvements. 'And always ensure that the drainage slots are kept unblocked and free from dirt, grit, spider webs, etc. This will allow any water that appears in the frame to drain away and prevent any leaks.'

How do you clean hard to reach skylight windows?

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For hard to reach skylight windows that can't be rotated 180º, you might want to invest in either a step ladder or a long-handled cleaning device, like the 205mm Long Handle Window Squeegee, £6.30 from B&Q. Other squeegees can be purchased with a detachable long handle, which is handy if you're using it to clean other windows too.

A spray bottle with your cleaning solution in will make cleaning hard to reach windows easier. You can fill up an empty bottle with soapy water, or purchase some spray washing up liquid, like the Elbow Grease Washing Up Spray, £1.49 at The Range.

If you're using a step ladder, it's important to stay safe while doing so. 'Only do this if there is no risk of falling', says cleaning expert Sarah. 'If there is a fall risk, you should hire a professional window cleaner for this type of work.'

What should I not clean VELUX windows with?

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'It’s important to note that there are several products and methods you should not use to clean your windows', says Rachel from Anglian Home Improvements. 'These include: 

  • Using abrasive cleaners or scouring pads
  • Using any type of harsh cleaning agents such as bleach, solvents (e.g. white spirits, cellulose thinners, nail varnish remover), aerosol products such as WD40®, automotive dashboard wipes, acids, brick wash solutions, or alkalis
  • Using excessive pressure when cleaning e.g. steam cleaners.'

Stick to gentle, non-abrasive cleaning products and supplies to avoid damaging your VELUX windows. Glass cleaners are fine to use, but washing up liquid can do the job just as well.

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